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Saha, Krishanu - Assistant Professor
Also Medical History and Bioethics, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
Personalized and Regenerative Medicine -- Biomaterials Engineering -- Stem Cell Biology -- Developmental Biology -- Signal transduction -- Systems biology -- Synthetic biology -- Evolution & optimization of signaling proteins and networks -- Design principles of spatial and temporal control networks in cells

Sahai, Nita - Associate Professor
Geology and Geophysics
Surface Biogeochemistry -- Biominerals -- Bioceramics -- Environmental Geochemistry
Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program, Materials Science Program

Salmon, Charles G. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering
steel and concrete design -- design codes

Saluja, Kewal K. - Professor
Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Design for testability -- Built-in self-test -- Computer architecture -- VLSI design and testing -- Fault-tolerant computing

Samuel, Jay M. - Senior Lecturer
Mechanical Engineering
metal forming -- welding and joining processes -- materials engineering

Sanders, Jerry L. - Professor Emeritus
Industrial and Systems Engineering
automatic assembly systems -- stochastic processes -- flame cutting layout procedures -- production systems

Sanders, Scott T. - Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
swept-wavelength sources -- advanced spectrometers -- hyperspectral imaging -- optical sensors -- piston and aeropropulsion engines
Engine Research Center

Sandor, Bela I. - Professor Emeritus
Engineering Physics
stress-strain in materials -- infrared thermographic stress analysis, fatigue damage mechanisms -- fracture control; damage alleviation -- fatigue damage analysis of joint systems; micromechanics of solder joints -- composite materials -- chariots: comprehensive mechanics analysis and humanistic aspects
Engineering Mechanics, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Sankaralingam, Karthikeyan - Assistant Professor
Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sarlioglu, Bulent - Assistant Professor (Affiliate)
Electric machines, drives, power electronics -- Electric actuation systems -- Automotive, aerospace, naval and renewable energy applications -- Complex and interdisciplinary power system architectures
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Sarmadi, Majid - Professor
Environment, Textiles and Design, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
textile sustainability, chemical properties and structures of textile fibers -- plasma modifications of materials -- wettability, flammability of textiles -- dyeing -- finishing
Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing, Materials Science Program

Sather, Glenn A. - Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biological Engineering
stoichiometry -- thermodynamics

Sayeed, Akbar M. - Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
wireless communications, wireless sensing, multipath channels, multi-dimensional communication theory, multi-dimensional signal representations, statistical signal processing, information theory, learning theory, and applications in networked communication and sensing

Scarpace, Frank L. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institute for Environmental Studies
image processing -- remote sensing

Scharer, John E. - Professor Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electromagnetic wave propagation and antennas for communications -- Free-electron and excimer lasers -- Microwave and millimeter wave amplifiers -- Computer simulation of and experiments on plasma waves and radiofrequency plasma sources for materials processing -- Radiofrequency wave antenna coupling, heating and current drive in fusion plasmas
Center for Plasma Theory and Computation

Schauer, James Jay - Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Atmospheric chemistry -- Source Apportionment -- Measurement of atmospheric pollutants -- Measurement of air pollution source emissions -- Atmospheric Aerosols -- Atmospheric Mercury -- Trace metals in the environment and redox cycling of metals -- Air quality in developing and underdeveloped nations
Air Resources Management Program, Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program, Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Scherz, James P. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering
photogrammetry -- surveying -- archeoastronomy and mapping prehistoric sites -- developing basic GIS

Schlack, Alois L., Jr. - Professor Emeritus
Engineering Physics
dynamics, vibrations -- astrodynamic -- dynamic stability analysis -- rotating shaft-disc systems -- elastic spacecraft dynamics
Engineering Mechanics

Schramm, Donald R. - Faculty Associate/Program Director
Engineering Professional Development
architectural lighting/daylighting -- building energy systems -- creativity -- distance learning -- disaster/refugee emergency management -- international engineering -- professional practice -- team building
Disaster Management Center, Master of Engineering in Professional Practice

Schulte, Michael J. - Associate Professor (Adjunct)
College of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Embedded Systems -- Computer Architecture -- Computer Arithmetic -- Reconfigurable Computing -- Domain-Specific Processor Design
Computer Engineering

Sell, George R. - Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
technical writing

Sesto, Mary Elizabeth - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, School of Medicine and Public Health

Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Trace Research and Development Center

Sethares, William A. - Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
modeling and adaptation in signal processing, acoustics, and control

Shah, Dhavan V. - Professor
Also School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Shapiro, Vadim - Bernard A. and Frances M. Weideman Professor
Computer Sciences, Mechanical Engineering
computer-aided design and automation; geometric and topological computing; solid modeling and computational geometry; physical modeling, analysis, and simulation
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program, Spatial Automation Laboratory

Shedd, Tim - Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Multiphase flows -- Two-phase heat transfer -- Flow visualization and optical measurement techniques -- Electronics cooling -- Sprays and spray impingement cooling -- Contact line modeling -- Immersion Lithography -- Fuel delivery systems
Computational Mechanics Center, Engine Research Center, Solar Energy Laboratory

Sheinis, Andrew I. - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Astronomy

Sheinis, Andrew I. - Assistant Professor
Astronomy, Mechanical Engineering

Materials Science Program

Shi, Leyuan - Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
simulation modeling -- large-scale optimization -- supply chain optimization -- production planning and scheduling
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Shinners, Kevin J. - Professor
Biological Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Shohet, J. Leon - Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
plasma-aided manufacturing -- controlled fusion -- nonlinear science -- effects of vacuum ultraviolet radiation on the processing of electronic materials -- biotechnology, especially biomaterials and directed differentiation of stem cells
Biotechnology Training Program, Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing, HSX Plasma Laboratory, Materials Science Center, Materials Science Program, Plasma Processing and Technology Laboratory, Synchrotron Radiation Center

Shusta, Eric V. - Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering
brain drug delivery -- blood-brain barrier engineering -- biopharmaceutical design -- protein engineering
Biotechnology Training Program, Blood-Brain Barrier Group, Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program, Clinical Neuroengineering Training Program, University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sidney, Daniel - Assistant Visiting Scientist
Biomedical Engineering

Siedband, Melvin - Professor Emeritus
Biomedical Engineering

Sillay, Karl A. - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Neurological Surgery

Slemrod, Marshall - Professor
continuim mechanics -- Boltzmann equation -- shock waves -- nonlinear partial differential equations
Engineering Mechanics

Smith, Elizabeth T. - Assistant Professor
Laser materials processing -- On-line monitoring and control techniques for manufacturing processes -- Micromachining, microjoining
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Smith, James E. - Emeritus Professor
Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Architecture -- High performance processor and system implementations -- Virtual Machines -- Power efficient processors

Smith, Leslie M. - Professor
Engineering Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering
statistical physics, turbulence and turbulence modeling for engineering and geophysical applications -- applied mathematics, stability theory and fluid dynamics -- field theoretical techniques, the dynamic renormalization group and universality in complex systems

Smith, Lloyd M. - Professor
development of novel methods for the analysis and manipulation of nucleic acids -- DNA sequence analysis -- DNA diagnostics -- molecular computing -- surface chemistry -- fluorescence -- mass spectrometry (MALDI and electrospray) -- robotics/automation and informatics
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Smith, Maureen A. - Associate Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Population Health Sciences

Smith, Michael J. - Professor Emeritus
Industrial and Systems Engineering
human factors and ergonomics -- occupational safety -- job-related stress -- work organization design and management -- job design

Smith, Robert J. - Adjunct Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Smith, Robert L., Jr. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering
transportation planning and policy -- traffic engineering -- transit planning and operations -- city planning -- site planning -- geographic information systems -- intelligent transportation systems

Smith, Thomas W. - Faculty Associate/Program Director
Engineering Professional Development
applications of telecommunications and distance education
Engineering Telecommunications Programming

Sohi, Gurindar S. - Professor
Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering
computer architecture -- non-numeric processing -- VLSI design -- parallel processing

Sonzogni, William C. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institute for Environmental Studies
fate and transport of toxic contaminants -- analytical chemistry of pollutants -- chemical limnology -- water resources management -- environmental toxicology
Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program, Limnology and Marine Science, Water Resources Management Program, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Sovinec, Carl R. - Professor
Engineering Physics, Physics
computational plasma physics--computational fluid dynamics--magnetohydrodynamics--numerical methods for partial differential equations
Center for Plasma Theory and Computation, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Spalding, Edgar - Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Botany

Sridharan, Kumar - Distinguished Research Professor
Fellow of American Society for Materials
Engineering Physics, Materials Science and Engneering
Nuclear reactor materials research and development, mechanical behavior of materials, physical metallurgy, corrosion of materials, irradiation effects in materials, surface modification and coatings including nano-scale processes and materials, ion implantation, ion-materials interactions, plasma-assisted thin film deposition, cold spray materials deposition, wear, materials characterization, and materials applications, challenges, and solutions for industrial applications.

Stanley, Emily H. - Associate Professor
aquatic ecosystem ecology -- disturbance and hydrology as determinants of metabolism and nutrient cycling; subsurface processes -- large scale and multiple scale processes in lotic ecosystems
Limnology and Marine Science

Steudel, Harold J. - Professor Emeritus
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Development of statistical modeling, analysis and management techniques for the design and improvement of manufacturing systems such areas as the design, evaluation and management of continuous flow/cellular manufacturing systems for just-in-time (JIT) operations. -- Design and implementation of quality management systems in health care and manufacturing organizations including medical devices.
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Stone, Donald S. - Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
mechanical properties: creep, plasticity, fracture, scale effects -- kinetics, thermodynamics -- metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites, amorphous alloys, biological materials, thin films, microscopic specimens
Engineering Mechanics, Materials Science Program, Mechanics and Materials Research Group

Straub, Richard J. - Professor
Biological Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
agricultural machinery and power systems -- forage harvesting -- post-harvest processing of agricultural and biological materials -- machine design

Suresh, Krishnan - Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Geometric Modeling -- CAD/CAE -- Solid Mechanics -- Multi-disciplinary Simulation -- Precision Engineering -- Machine Design

Suri, Rajan - Professor Emeritus
Industrial and Systems Engineering
lead time reduction and quick response manufacturing -- POLCA and other alternatives to Kanban for material control -- queuing network models for manufacturing systems analysis
Center for Quick Response Manufacturing

Swaney, Ross E. - Associate Professor and Vilas Research Associate
Chemical and Biological Engineering
process systems modeling and optimization

Szlufarska, Izabela - Associate Professor
Engineering Physics, Materials Science and Engineering
Coupling between surface/interfacial chemistry and mechanical properties of ceramics -- Fundamentals of friction & adhesion at the nanoscale -- Nanoindentation and contact mechanics -- Chemistry and mechanics in biological systems (e.g., cell migration, mechanical properties of DNA, biosensing) -- Adsorption at surfaces (e.g., graphite sorptivity) -- Transport at interfaces (e.g., grain boundary transport in materials for nuclear applications) -- Multi-scale modeling of defect and impurity kinetics (e.g., radiation damage of materials)
Materials Science Program

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