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Radwin, Robert G. - Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering
analytical methods for measuring and assessing exposure to physical stress in the workplace -- ergonomics aspects of manually operated equipment and human-computer input devices -- causes and prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders and peripheral neuropathies -- occupational biomechanics -- rehabilitation engineering
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Ergonomics Analysis and Design Consortium, Industrial Hand Tool and Ergonomics Research Consortium, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Trace Research and Development Center, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Ragland, Kenneth W. - Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
fluid dynamics -- combustion processes -- bioenergy -- air pollution control

Raksany, John A. - Faculty Associate/Program Director
Engineering Professional Development
electrical power -- electrical design -- power systems planning -- power systems reliability analysis methods -- power systems maintenance -- power system protection and control

Ramanathan, Parameswaran - Professor, Vice Chair of Infrastructure
Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wireless and Wireline Networks -- Mobile Computing -- Real-time Systems -- Fault-tolerant Computing -- Parallel Processing -- Distributed Systems

Ran, Bin - Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Intelligent Transportation Systems -- Dynamic Transportation Network Models -- Traffic Simulation and Control -- Dynamic Traffic Prediction -- Internet -- Information Systems and Technologies -- Wireless Technology -- Telematics -- GIS -- Location Commerce
Midwest Regional University Transportation Center, Transportation Engineering and City Planning Program, Transportation Management and Policy Program, Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory

Rath, Franklin J. - Associate Faculty Associate/Program Director
Engineering Professional Development
manufacturing and industrial engineering -- ergonomics -- lead-time reduction -- quality systems -- design through manufacture -- failure mode and effects analysis -- quality function deployment

Raval, Amish N. - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering

Rawlings, James B. - Paul A. Elfers Professor and W. Harmon Ray Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Chemical process control, nonlinear model predictive control. -- State estimation and monitoring. -- Chemical reaction engineering. -- Virus modeling and stochastic chemical kinetics

Ray, W. Harmon - Vilas Research Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biological Engineering
polymerization processes -- process optimization, dynamics and control -- chemical reactor engineering

Reames, Fred M. - Lecturer Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
engineering instrumentation and measurements
Space Science and Engineering Center

Recht, Benjamin - Assistant Professor
Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Reddan, William G. - Associate Professor Emeritus
Industrial and Systems Engineering, School of Medicine and Public Health
intercollegiate athletics -- ergonomics -- stress -- pulmonary physiology -- work environ. -- aging

Reed, Jennifer L. - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Systems biology -- Metabolic model development & analysis -- Metabolic engineering -- Biofuels, bioremediation, & biotechnology
Biotechnology Training Program, Bringing Advanced Computational Techniques to Energy Research, Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine, Genome Sciences Training Program, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program

Reeder, Scott B. - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Research interests are in the areas of cardiovascular and abdominal MRI, particularly in the development of rapid and quantitative imaging techniques, including rapid cardiac imaging methods, and novel fat-water separation techniques. More recent areas of interest include molecular imaging and MRI.
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Reindl, Douglas T., Ph.D., P.E. - Professor
Engineering Professional Development, Mechanical Engineering
industrial refrigeration systems and technologies -- refrigeration system modeling -- advanced thermal storage technologies -- energy -- HVAC systems -- computational methods
HVAC and R Center, Industrial Refrigeration Consortium, Thermal Storage Applications Research Center

Reitz, Rolf D. - Wisconsin Distinguished Professor
Mechanical Engineering
combustion, gas dynamics -- sprays-motion & formation -- hydrocarbon kinetics -- engine fluid dynamics -- computer modeling

Remucal, Christina K. - Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Technology, Limnology and Marine Science
Photochemical processes in natural waters -- Metal redox cycling -- Reactive oxygen species production -- Contaminant transformation processes

Robbins, JoAnne - Professor
Biomedical Engineering

Robinson, Stephen M. - Professor Emeritus
Computer Sciences, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Variational analysis and optimization -- Methods to support decision under uncertainty -- Quantitative methods in managerial economics

Roessler, Jeffrey W. - Instructional Specialist
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Graphics -- Computer-Aided-Design -- Distance Education

Rogers, Jeremy - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Biophotonics -- microscopy -- spectroscopy -- optical design and instrumentation -- computational simulation and Monte Carlo ray tracing -- theoretical models of light scattering in tissue

Root, Thatcher W. - Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering
surface chemistry -- catalysis -- diffusion in porous media -- solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Biotechnology Center, Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program, Materials Science Program

Rosen, Howard - Faculty Associate/Program Director
Engineering Professional Development
public works infrastructure -- municipal engineering -- stormwater hydraulics -- docks and marinas -- building code -- transportation research and history
National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education

Ross, Paul L. - Faculty Associate
Engineering Professional Development
technical communication
Technical Communication Certificate Program

Rothamer, David A. - Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Laser based diagnostics -- Internal combustion engines -- Soot formation -- Influence of fuel properties on combustion
Engine Research Center

Rowlands, Robert E. - Professor
Mechanical Engineering
laser applications to mechanics -- composite and advanced materials -- digital image analysis -- structural mechanics -- experimental mechanics and stress analysis
Materials Science Program, Wisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory

Rudd, Dale F. - Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biological Engineering
After retirement in 1994 Sandy and I moved to Seattle. Our home has a wide view of Puget Sound and the snow-capped mountains of Olympic National Park. Our children Karen and David both live within walking distance. The Pacific Northwest is great.

Russell, Jeffrey S. - Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
construction management -- constructor pre-qualification and failure -- constructability -- maintainability -- innovative project delivery systems -- risk in construction -- construction automation and robotics
Construction Engineering and Management Program

Rutland, Christopher J. - Professor
Mechanical Engineering
computational fluid dynamics -- turbulence, combustion, and spray modeling for IC engines -- turbulent reacting flows -- direct numerical simulations
Engine Research Center

Rylander, Gary F. - Adjunct Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Transportation Engineering -- Traffic Engineering -- Traffic Operations, Safety and Management -- Intelligent Transportation Systems
Transportation Engineering and City Planning Program

Rzchowski, Mark S. - Associate Professor

Materials Science Program

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