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Ma, Zhenqiang (Jack) - Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Physics
High-speed RF devices and circuits, optoelectronic devices and nanophotonics -- Semiconductor materials processing and heterogeneous integration -- Flexible electronics, flexible optoelectronics and flexible photonics -- Energy conversion semiconductor devices -- Bioelectronics and biomimetics -- Semiconductor device physics -- Power electronics
Materials Science Program, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, UW Energy Institute, Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics

Mackie, T. Rockwell - Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Human Oncology, Medical Physics
radiation therapy -- radiation sciences
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Magnuson, John J. - Professor Emeritus

Center for Limnology, Limnology and Marine Science, Limnology and Marine Science Graduate Program

Mahanthappa, Mahesh - Assistant Professor
Syntheses of new classes of amphiphilic block copolymer surfactants and attendant characterization of their bulk and solution phase behavior for applications as rheological modifiers and novel biomedical materials -- Development of new catalysts for the mild synthesis of polyolefins containing polar functionalities possessing unknown monomer sequence distributions and new properties -- Explorations of new organometallic strategies for rational syntheses of semiconducting and metallic nanoparticles with well-defined shapes and catalytic activities
Materials Science Program

Malkus, David S. - Professor Emeritus
Engineering Physics
applied mathematics -- numerical methods in mechanics -- computational fluid dynamics -- rheology
Center for Mathematical Sciences, Engineering Mechanics, Rheology Research Center

Mann, Terry - Lecturer
Engineering Professional Development

Manner, Kim J. - Lecturer
Mechanical Engineering
Geometric modeling -- Computer-aided design -- Senior Design -- Mechanical dissection -- Engineering graphics

Maravelias, Christos T. - Associate Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Scheduling and production planning -- Supply chain management -- Pharmaceutical research and development -- Mixed-integer Programming -- Optimization methods for process synthesis

Martin, Jay K. - Professor Emeritus
Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Research, Design, and Product Development - Assistive Technology -- Access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education and Careers for Individuals with Disabilities -- Formative Assessment Methods for Engineering Learning
Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology, Materials Science Program

Masters, Kristyn S. - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Synthesis of bioactive materials that direct cell function -- Characterization of cell-material interactions -- Tissue Engineering -- Drug Delivery
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Materials Science Program

Matta, Christina - Assistant Faculty Associate in Technical Communications
Engineering Professional Development

Matulionis, Raymond C. - Professor Emeritus
Engineering Professional Development
architecture -- architectural engineering -- environmental design -- urban development

Matyi, Richard J. - Professor
materials analysis with X-ray diffraction -- structural defects in semiconductor materials -- growth-related defects in protein crystals studied by high resolution X-ray diffraction methods -- photo-assisted materials growth using X-ray standing waves -- materials modification by plasma-source ion implantation
Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics

Mavrikakis, Manos - Paul A. Elfers Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering
thermodynamics -- kinetics and catalysis -- surface science -- computational chemistry -- electronic materials -- fuel cells applications -- environmental chemical engineering
Center for Energetic Non-Equilibrium Chemistry at Interfaces, Computational Surface Science and Catalysis Group, Institute for Atom-Efficient Chemical Transformations Energy Frontier Research Center

Mawst, Luke J. - Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
III/V compound semiconductor materials and devices -- metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) growth of semiconductors -- semiconductor lasers
Materials Science Program, Reed Center for Photonics

McCarthy, James J. - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Public Health

Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

McCaughan, Leon - Professor Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nonlinear optics -- Far infrared (terahertz) generation and spectrocopy -- Guided wave photonic devices and circuits -- Quantum optics
Materials Science Program

McDermott, Robert - Assistant Professor
Condensed Matter: Quantum coherence and entanglement of superconducting integrated circuits, quantum-limited amplifiers, application of SQUIDs to magnetic resonance detection.
Materials Science Program

McGlamery, Thomas D. - Associate Faculty Associate
Engineering Professional Development

McIntyre, Peter - Assistant Professor
Ecology and conservation in rivers and lakes around the world with focus on the organism-ecosystem interface
Limnology and Marine Science

McKinley, Galen A. - Assistant Professor
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Carbon cycle -- Biogeochemical modeling -- Physical modeling -- Oceans -- Great Lakes -- Chemical Oceanography -- Physical Oceanography -- Climate Science
Center for Climatic Research, Limnology and Marine Science, Ocean Biogeochemistry Group

McLay, Laura - Associate Professor
Modeling and solving real-world discrete optimization problems with application to homeland security, disasters, public services, and healthcare

McMahon, Katherine (Trina) - Professor
Bacteriology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Microbial ecology -- environmental biotechnology -- biochemical engineering -- environmental engineering -- water quality -- metabolic engineering -- freshwater microbiology
Biotechnology Training Program, Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program, Limnology and Marine Science, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program

Medow, Joshua - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering

Menassa, Carol C. - M. A. Mortenson Company Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Construction Engineering and Management Program, UW Energy Institute

Meyerand, M. Elizabeth - Chair and Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics
The development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) based acquisition and post-processing methods to visualize diffusion and activation in the human brain.
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Mickelson, David M. - Professor Emeritus
Geology and Geophysics
geomorphology and applied geology -- shoreline erosion -- slope stability -- hydrogeologic properties of glacial deposits -- field geology
Geological Engineering Program

Milenkovic, Paul H. - Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
digital signal processing -- acoustic analysis of speech -- speech synthesis
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Waisman Center

Milestone, Wayne D. - Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
mechanical design -- machine design -- innovation and creativity -- intellectual property -- stress & fatigue analysis -- fretting-fatigue -- fasteners -- hybrid and hybrid electric vehicles
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program, Motor Vehicle Research Laboratory

Milewski, Paul A. - Associate Professor
numerical and asymptotic methods for nonlinear waves and fluid mechanics -- geophysical flows and waves
Engineering Mechanics

Milicic, Srdjan - Associate Faculty Associate
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics

Miller, Franklin - Assistant Professor
Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering
Cryogenics -- Thermodynamics of Superfluid 3He-4He mixtures -- Sub-Kelvin cooling for space science -- Energy Systems

Mills, Frederick E. - Adjunct Professor
Engineering Physics

Mistretta, Charles A. - Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, Radiology
investigations of non-invasive techniques for magnetic resonance imaging of the cardiovascular system -- quantitation of flow -- coronary artery imaging and flow measurement -- MR Myocradial Perfusion
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Mitchell, John W. - Elmer R. and Janet A. Kaiser Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
convective heat transfer -- solar energy applications -- energy utilization -- bulding HVAC systems
Solar Energy Laboratory

Moll, Richard A. - Professor Emeritus
Materials Science and Engineering
product liability prevention -- product safety -- ethics and social responsibility

Monkmeyer, Peter L. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering
fluid mechanics -- water waves -- coastal engr. -- flood routing -- groundwater/seepage

Morgan, Dane - Associate Professor
Engineering Physics, Materials Science and Engineering
Computational materials science for materials design. -- Ab initio electronic structure methods and multiscale techniques for large time / length scales and thermokinetics. -- Ab initio based modeling of electrochemical systems and processes. -- -- Application areas: Nuclear materials, Battery and fuel cell electrodes, Earth mantle materials, Sorption at water mineral interfaces, electronic materials.
Materials Science Program

Morrow, Katherine L. - Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
reconfigurable computer architectures -- automated design for reconfigurable computing -- operating system support for heterogeneous computing -- systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) -- VLSI computer aided design

Morrow, Michael G. - Faculty Associate
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Moses, Gregory A. - Spangler Professor
Engineering Physics
fusion reactor design -- technology enhanced learning -- radiation hydrodynamics -- computational engr.
Fusion Technology Institute, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Moskwa, John J. - Professor, Vilas Scholar
Mechanical Engineering
engine/powertrain/vehicle dynamic system modeling and parameter identification -- multivariable and nonlinear robust controller and observer design -- powertrain system diagnostics and real-time simulation -- transient hardware-in-the-loop engine test systems -- powertrain and vehicle system design and dynamics
Powertrain Control Research Laboratory

Muir, Peter - Associate Professor
Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, School of Veterinary Medicine
Targeted remodeling of bone -- Functional adaptation to bone fatigue -- Bacteria-associated inflammatory arthritis -- Anterior cruciate ligament rupture
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Murphy, Regina M. - Smith-Bascom Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering
targeted drug design -- physical chemistry of protein-protein interactions
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Biophysics Program, Center for Neuroscience

Murphy, William L. - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Pharmacology
Creation of new biomaterials using bioinspired approaches -- Using biomaterials to define the stem cell microenvironment -- Development of biomaterials for tissue regeneration (tissue engineering) -- New approaches for drug delivery and gene therapy
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Materials Science Program, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Smart, Bioinspired Materials Laboratory

Murrell, Michael - Assistant Professor
Also Materials Science and Engineering
Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Biomechanics -- Systems Biology -- Cellular Engineering -- Cell Motility and Tissue Dynamics

Mutlu, Bilge - Assistant Professor
Computer Sciences, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Human-computer interaction (HCI), specifically human-robot interaction, assistive, educational, and therapeutic use of humanlike robots and agents, modeling of human social behavior, activity recognition, and mobile and ubiquitous computing.

Myers, Glen E. - Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
conduction heat transfer -- numerical methods (finite differences, finite elements) -- thermodynamics

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