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Lagally, Max G. - Erwin W. Mueller Professor and Bascom Professor of Surface Science
Materials Science and Engineering, Physics
Nanoscale properties of surfaces, interfaces, thin films, and dimensionally confined structures -- Atom-scale mechanisms of film growth: Group IV semiconductors, nano-strain engineering, silicon nanomembranes -- relationship of nanostructure to localized electronic and optoelectronic properties, quantum dots -- Development of advanced instrumentation for growth and surface and interface studies, in particular diffraction, imaging, and scanned-probe microscopies -- Bioarrays and biomolecular surface modification
Laboratory for Thin-Film Deposition, Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Materials Science Program

Lakes, Roderic S. - Wisconsin Distinguished Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Materials Science and Engineering
Viscoelasticity, Fibrous composites, cellular solids, biomaterials; bone and ligament; Cosserat solids, development of novel foams including materials with a negative Poisson's ratio, called anti-rubber, auxetic, or dilational. Follow-on work. Holographic, and other optical experimental methods
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Engineering Mechanics, Materials Science Program, Mechanics and Materials Research Group, Rheology Research Center

Larbalestier, David C. - Grainger Professor of Superconducting Materials and L.V. Shubnikov Professor Emeritus
Materials Science and Engineering, Physics
The structure-property relationships of superconducting materials and their applications to superconducting magnets -- We study both the conventional low temperature superconductors such as Nb-Ti and Nb3Sn, the new medium temperature superconductor MgB2 and the cuprate high temperature superconductors such as (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox and YBa2Cu3Ox
Materials Science Program

Lasseter, Robert H. - Emeritus Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Distributed resources -- Restructuring of electrical power system -- Application of power electronics to utility systems -- Simulation methods -- Power electronic circuits and control -- HVDC, SVC, FACTS and custom power applications
Power Systems Engineering Research Center, Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Lee, Carol E. - Associate Professor

Limnology and Marine Science

Lee, John D. - Emerson Electric Quality & Productivity Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Cognitive engineering -- Interface design -- Trust in automation -- Human adaptation to technology -- Modeling human behavior

Lee, Sang-Hoon - Senior Visiting Scientist
Biomedical Engineering

Lesieutre, Bernard - Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Li, Jingshan - Associate Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Modeling, analysis, design, control and continuous improvement of production, service and health care systems
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Li, Wan-Ju - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
musculoskeletal tissue engineering -- stem cell-based regenerative medicine -- nanostructural biomaterial
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Cellular and Molecular Biology Program, Materials Science Program, Orthopedic Research Laboratories, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Li, Xiaochun - Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Bulk Nano-Structured Materials Processing and production, Micro/Nano-technology enabled sensing and control for manufacturing, and Laser micropolishing
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program, Materials Science Program

Liebl, David S. - Faculty Associate
Engineering Professional Development
Industrial Waste Reduction -- Environmental Pollution Prevention -- Community Based Environmental Protection
Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center

Lightfoot, Edwin N. - Hilldale Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biological Engineering
mass-transport reaction modeling -- biological mass-transfer processes -- separations processes
Biotechnology Center

Likos, William - Visiting Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lillesand, Thomas M. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Forest Ecology and Management, Institute for Environmental Studies
remote sensing -- natural resource management -- high resolution satellite image processing -- geographic information systems -- large area land use mapping from space -- environmental monitoring -- national space policy -- transportation applications of remote sensing
Environmental Remote Sensing Center

Linderoth, Jeffrey T. - Professor
Computer Sciences, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Numerical Optimization: Integer programming and Stochastic programming -- High Performance and Grid Computing -- Applications in Logistics, Finance, and Health-Care

Lipasti, Mikko H. - Philip Dunham Reed Professor
College of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
computer architecture -- instruction-level parallelism -- compiler optimization -- runtime systems -- operating systems
Computer Engineering

Lipo, Thomas A. - Grainger Professor of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering
power electronics -- adjustable speed drives -- electric machines -- ac motor drive systems
Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium, Wisconsin Power Electronics Research Center

Liu, Bo - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering

Liu, Zhengyu - Professor
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
dynamics of global ocean circulation -- global coupled atmospheric-ocean system -- dynamics of global climate system
Limnology and Marine Science

Loheide II, Steven P. - Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
hydroecology/ ecohydrology -- hydrogeology -- river restoration -- remote sensing -- hydrologic consequences of climate change -- vegetative water use / vegetation patterning -- sustainable land-use practices -- stream-aquifer interactions -- ecosystem function / services -- human interaction with aquatic ecosystems
Geological Engineering Program, Limnology and Marine Science

Long, Sharon C. - Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Soil Science

Long, Willis F. - Professor Emeritus
Engineering Professional Development
electric power systems -- utility system applications of power electronic devices and circuits -- power quality issues -- computer analysis of power systems

Lorenz, Robert D. - Consolidated Papers Professor of Controls Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Control of electromagnetic actuators and power electronics -- Integration of sensing and control in power conversion -- Design for sensing and control using multi-physics integration -- Physics-based multivariable control design methodologies
Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Lovell, Edward G. - Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
structural mechanics -- stress analysis -- pressure vessels -- thermal stresses -- micromechanical sensors -- buckling -- vibrations
Computational Mechanics Center, Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics

Lowery, Birl - Professor
Soil Science

Geological Engineering Program

Ludois, Daniel - Assistant Professor
Power electronics -- Electric machines -- Non-contact power transfer -- Sustainable engineering technologies and practices

Luedtke, James R. - Assistant Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Mixed integer programming, linear and nonlinear -- Stochastic optimization, especially optimization with risk constraints -- Applications in logistics, production scheduling, medicine, call center staffing and energy

Lumelsky, Vladimir J. - Professor Emeritus
Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering
robotics -- pattern recognition -- kinematics -- human spatial reasoning and motion planning -- sensor-based intelligent systems -- sensor-based navigation and localization -- Sensor-based navigation and localization -- control theory, industrial automation -- computer vision

Luo, Alan — Adjunct Professor
Lightweight materials and manufacturing for automotive applications; computational materials design, alloy and process development, industrial applications

Luzzio, Christopher - Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering, Neurology
bioengineering -- botox treatment for movement disorders -- electromyography -- general adult neurology -- multiple sclerosis

Lynn, David M. - Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chemistry
Biomaterials and biotechnology -- Functional materials -- Polymer synthesis -- Surfaces and Interfaces -- Gene and drug delivery -- Controlled release
Biotechnology Training Program, Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Materials Science Program

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