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Jahns, Thomas M. - Grainger Professor of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines
Electrical and Computer Engineering
power electronics -- electric machines and actuators -- adjustable-speed drives -- brushless motor drives and generators -- automotive and aerospace electric systems
Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

Jenkins, Tom - Adjunct Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wastewater Treatment Processes -- Process Equipment Design -- Aeration and Blowers -- Energy Conservation -- Process Instrumentation and Control Systems

Jensen, Dean E. - Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
computer-aided design -- computer graphics

Jeraj, Robert - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Human Oncology, Medical Physics, School of Medicine and Public Health
Image guided cancer therapy -- Molecular imaging -- Radiation therapy -- Optimization -- Monte Carlo modeling -- Dosimetry
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Jiang, Hongrui - Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
MicroElectroMechanical Systems -- Microsensors and microactuators -- BioMEMS and micro-optics -- Microfluidics -- Lab on chips -- Biomimetics and bioinspiration
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Materials Science Program, UW Eye Research Institute

Jiang, Jack - Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Surgery
Vibratory properties of the vocal folds via studies of excised larynges -- Biomechanical modeling, aerodynamics, and analysis of laryngeal microstructure -- Development of accurate protocols for voice measurement in patients with laryngeal pathology
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Jin, Song - Associate Professor
chemistry and physics of nanomaterials, solid state materials, rational chemical synthesis, assembly and integration of nanomaterials, fundamental synthesis-structure-property relationships, nanomaterials for renewable energy conversion, such as photovoltaic and thermoelectric energy conversion, spintronics, the applications of nanomaterials in biotechnology

Joeres, Erhard F. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institute for Environmental Studies
environmental systems modeling -- water resources management -- urban hydrology -- air quality management -- markets in pollution control -- pollution prevention -- environmental policy -- industrial ecology

Johnson, George R. - Associate Faculty Associate
Engineering Professional Development

Johnson, John E. - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering
structural engineering specializing in steel structures -- roofing technology

Jordan, Benjamin - Associate Faculty Associate/Program Director
Engineering Professional Development
Street Lighting, Roadway Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, and Outdoor Lighting Courses and Training -- Planning, Zoning and Land-Use Management Courses and Training -- Asphalt Pavement Maintenance , Asphalt Pavement Repair and Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation Courses and Training -- Concrete Pavement Maintenance, Concrete Pavement Repair, and Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Courses and Training -- Fleet Maintenance Management Courses and Training -- Snow and Ice Control and Winter Maintenance Courses and Training -- Pavement Utility Cut Management Courses and Training -- Right-of-Way Management and Permitting Courses and Training -- Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance Courses and Training -- Water Storage Tank Operation Maintenance and Rehabilitation Courses and Training -- Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Courses and Training -- Trenchless Technology Courses and Training including Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe Bursting, Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining, Sliplining, Fold and Form Pipe Lining, and No-dig Lateral Rehabilitation Technologies
Transportation Information Center

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