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Ghandhi, Jaal B. - Grainger Professor of Sustainable Energy
Mechanical Engineering
internal combustion engines -- fluid mechanics of mixing -- turbulent combustion in engines -- optical diagnostics
Engine Research Center

Gianchandani, Yogesh B. - Associate Professor
Micromachined Sensors and Actuators -- Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) -- Integrated Circuits -- Microfabrication Techniques
Center for NanoTechnology, Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics

Gilbert, Pupa - Professor
Biomineralization, nanobiology, synchrotron spectromicroscopies
Materials Science Program

Ginder-Vogel, Matthew - Assistant Professor
environmental chemistry, biogeochemistry, water chemistry, x-ray absorption spectroscopy
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Gold, Elise M. - Associate Faculty Associate
Engineering Professional Development

Goldberg, Tony - Professor
Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine
Ecology, epidemiology and evolution of infectious disease, combining field and laboratory studies to understand how pathogens in dynamic ecosystems are transmitted among hosts, across complex landscapes, and over time.
Limnology and Marine Science

Goldsmith, Randall - Assistant Professor
Also Chemistry

Gong, Shaoqin "Sarah" - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Biomaterials (e.g., drug delivery, tissue engineering scaffolds), biosensors, functional polymer nanocomposites (e.g., actuators, sensors), biobased plastics, and microcellular plastics. -- Prof. Gong's lab currently has openings for graduate students/postdocs/visiting scholars with a strong background in polymer chemistry and materials science. Researchers with expertise in developing novel biomaterials and biodevices or functional polymer nanocomposites are strongly encouraged to apply via email.
Materials Science Program, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Goodwin, Laurel B. - Professor
Geology and Geophysics

Geological Engineering Program

Gopalan, Padma - Associate Professor
Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering
Polymer Synthesis and Characterization -- Electro-optic and Photonic Materials -- Photonic Devices -- Self-assembly of Block Copolymers -- Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Materials Science Program, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center

Gould, Jon - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering

Graf, Ben K. - Associate Professor
knee mechanics -- ACL reconstruction -- cartilage repair
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Graham, Linda K. - Professor
moss/algal/bacterial interactions in Sphagnum-dominated peatlands -- molecular biology of sugar uptake by algae and peatmoss -- use of molecular technology to assess microbial biodiversity in acid bogs -- physiological, community, and evolutionary ecology of freshwater filamentous algae -- evolutionary transition from green algae to lower land plants
Limnology and Marine Science

Graham, Michael D. — Harvey D. Spangler Professor
Engineering Physics, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Viscoelastic and Newtonian fluid mechanics, especially stability and nonlinear dynamics — Microstructural and multiscale simulations of complex fluids; applications to microfluidics, nanotechnology and biology — Applied and computational mathematics
Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine, Rheology Research Center

Gramann, Paul - Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Failure of Plastic and Rubber Materials -- Polymer Processing -- Plastic Welding -- Simulation Methods -- Structural Analysis of Plastic Products -- Plastic Design -- Mixing of Polymer Blends -- Polymer Composite Processing -- Nanocomposites
Polymer Engineering Center

Gratton, Claudio - Associate Professor

Limnology and Marine Science

Graves, Joni - Assistant Faculty Associate/Program Director
Engineering Professional Development

Green, Theodore, III - Professor Emeritus
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering
convection -- waves -- hydrodynamics -- lake circulation

Grist, Thomas M. - Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, Radiology
anatomic and functional imaging using magnetic resonance -- cardiovascular imaging -- clinical trials
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Grossenbacher, Laura R. - Associate Faculty Associate and Director of Technical Communications
Engineering Professional Development

Gruben, Kreg G. - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Kinesiology, Mechanical Engineering
biomechanics -- motor control -- human locomotion
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Gubner, John A. - Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ultra-wideband communications, point processes and shot noise, subspace methods in statistical signal processing, information theory.

Gustafson, David H. - Emeritus Research Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
integration of decision -- change and information theory to develop, test and disseminate information technology to improve health and to use the research results to develop tools to support organizational problem solving and change
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis, Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement

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