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Fain, Sean B. - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, Radiology
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), fast MRI, quantitative imaging, functional lung imaging, perfusion imaging and transplant viability.
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Farrell, Patrick V. - Professor
Mechanical Engineering
fluid mechanics -- optical diagnostics -- combustion -- heat transfer
Computer-Aided Engineering, Engine Research Center

Feiereisen, William J. - Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
fluid mechanics -- thermal energy conversion -- turbomachinery gas turbines -- propulsion systems

Feigl, Kurt L. - Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geology and Geophysics

Geological Engineering Program

Ferrier, Nicola J. - Professor
InterEngineering, Mechanical Engineering
robotics -- intelligent systems -- computer vision -- automation -- sensing -- medical image analysis
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, UW Eye Research Institute

Ferris, Michael C. - Professor
Computer Sciences, Industrial and Systems Engineering
mathematical programming -- modeling and applications of operations research -- complementarity problems -- radiation therapy planning -- numerical algorithms

Field, Aaron S. - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine and Public Health, Radiology
Quantitative magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of white matter disease, including diffusion tensor imaging -- MR tracking of myelination following glial cell transplantation
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, University of Wisconsin Clinical Science Center

Finster, Mark P. - Associate Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering, School of Business

Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement, Center for Quick Response Manufacturing, Global E-Business Consortium, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Fonck, Raymond J. - Professor
Engineering Physics
plasma & fusion science and technology -- plasma turbulence -- burning plasmas -- tokamaks -- alternative fusion schemes -- atomic physics and applied optics -- high temperature plasma diagnostics
Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, Pegasus Plasma Experiment

Foster, David E. - Phil and Jean Myers Professor
Mechanical Engineering
thermodynamics -- heat transfer -- fluid mechanics -- internal combustion engines -- combustion kinetics -- emission formation -- optical diagnostics in engines
Engine Research Center

Fratta, Dante - Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geology and Geophysics
Assessment of the near-surface underground using non-invasive tomographic studies (geotomography). -- On-shore and off-shore near surface geophysics -- Non-destructive detection of anomalies in civil engineering infrastructure. -- Study of low strain stiffness in rock masses and soils with P- and S-waves. -- Geomaterial process evaluation using elastic and and electromagnetic waves.
Geological Engineering Program, Limnology and Marine Science

Fredette, Steven - Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
Power electronics hardware and control -- Electric machines and control -- Alternative energy such as wind and solar P V

Frey, Kurt D. - Adjunct Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fronczak, Frank J. - Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
biomedical equipment design -- hydraulics -- fluid power systems -- machine design -- product design -- rehabilitative and assistive technology
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program

Fryback, Dennis G. - Professor Emeritus
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Population Health Sciences
Measuring population health -- Measuring health outcomes -- Bayesian statistics applied to uncertainty analysis in complex models -- Cost-effectiveness evaluation in health care -- Simulation modeling in health care systems
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis, Graduate Program in Population Health, Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center

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