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Davis, James L. - Professor
Engineering Professional Development
technical Japanese -- technical Chinese
Certificate in International Engineering, Certificate in Japanese Studies for Engineering Students

Davoodi, Azadeh - Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Automation techniques for post-silicon debug of timing errors -- Improving IC-CAD via algorithmic parallelism -- Design Automation in the presence of manufacturing-induced variations -- Physical design and synthesis for optimizing timing, power and manufacturability
Computer Engineering

DeCroix, Gregory A. - Associate Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
School of Business

DeLuca, Paul M., Jr. — Professor and Provost, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Engineering Physics
Human Oncology, Medical Physics, Physics, Radiology, School of Medicine and Public Health

DeMarco, Christopher L. - Grainger Professor of Power Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
control systems, power systems -- electric power system stability -- nonlinear dynamics -- computational complexity in computer-aided control analysis
Power Systems Engineering Research Center, Wisconsin Power Electronics Research Center

Dempsey, Jerome A. - Professor
Population Health Sciences
respiratory physiology -- sleep physiology -- altitude physiology
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Denes, Ferencz Sandor - Associate Professor Emeritus
Biological Systems Engineering, Food Research Institute, Food Science
Plasma-enhanced synthesis and surface modification of materials -- Immobilization of active biomolecules onto plasma-functionalized surfaces -- Deposition of anti-fouling and anti-microbial surface layers -- Plasma-enhanced synthesis of nanoparticle systems -- Development of novel non-equilibrium plasma tools.
Materials Science Program

Desai, Ankur R. - Assistant Professor
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Surface-atmosphere interaction, carbon cycle, ecosystem ecology, boundary layer meteorology, regional fluxes, model data assimilation
Limnology and Marine Science, Center for Climatic Research

DeVries, Marvin F. - Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
metal-cutting processes -- computer-integrated manufacturing -- manufacturing systems

DeWitt, Calvin B. - Professor
Institute for Environmental Studies
redox potentials at water/peat interface in wetland ponds -- statistical techniques development for evaluation of negative skewness in ectotherm thermoregulation -- microcomputer techniques for ecosystem modeling -- evaluation of mitigation procedures for highway impacts on wetlands -- hydrological factors in wetland formation -- riverine wetland formation -- wetland%
Limnology and Marine Science

Dickey, R. Wayne - Professor
nonlinear elastic structures, in particular, nonlinear strings, rods and beams, membranes, plates and shells
Engineering Mechanics

Dodd, Richard A. - Professor Emeritus
Materials Science and Engineering
crystallography -- crystal defects -- X-ray diffraction -- electron microscopy -- radiation damage -- alloys -- ion implantation -- corrosion
Materials Science Program

Doll, Norman - Adjunct Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Construction Engineering and Management Program

Doran, Michael - Adjunct Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Water and Wastewater Engineering -- Unit Processes, Process Modeling and Plant Engineering -- Biological Wastewater and Wastewater Residuals Treatment and Stabilization -- Water Quality Management and Policy Development -- Wet Weather Wastewater Management -- Environmental Economics

Dorgan, Charles E. - Professor Emeritus
Engineering Professional Development, Mechanical Engineering
energy management -- manufacturing processes -- laboratory design -- thermal storage energy -- heating and air conditioning -- cogeneration -- indoor air quality -- productivity -- refrigeration -- building design
Energy Technology Center

Drake, Francis P. - Faculty Associate Emeritus
fiber optics -- cellular and basic telephony -- telecommunications grounding and protection -- digital switching -- traffic and wireless communications

Draper, Stark C. - Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
signal processing, communications, code design, biometrics, security, streaming media, estimation, information theory, queuing, networking

Dresner, Lawrence - Adjunct Professor
Engineering Physics

Drugan, Walter J. - Professor
Engineering Physics
continuum mechanics analyses of behavior of modern materials -- nonlinear fracture mechanics of ductile materials (single- and poly-crystalline) and interfaces -- nonlocal constitutive models of composite materials -- dynamic fragmentation -- nanoscale fracture -- nanoscale shape-memory alloys -- discontinuities and shock waves in solids -- applied mathematics
Center for Mathematical Sciences, Engineering Mechanics, Materials Science Program, Mechanics and Materials Research Group

Duchon, Gerald A. - Associate Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
welding processes -- weldability of metals -- soldering & brazing -- weld failure analysis -- weld testing

Duffie, Neil A. - Professor
Mechanical Engineering
robotics -- computer control -- manufacturing systems -- manufacturing logistics -- computer-integrated manufacturing
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program, Master of Engineering in Engine Systems

Dumesic, James A. - Steenbock Professor and Michel Boudart Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering
kinetics and catalysis -- surface and solid-state chemistry -- in situ catalyst studies
Center for Catalytic Reaction Synthesis, The Center for Enabling New Technologies through Catalysis

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