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Photo of Jeffrey Stevens.

Jeffrey Stevens

Civil and Environmental Engineering

W HENEVER A TECHNOLOGY need arises, faculty, staff and students know whom to call: Jeff Stevens.

Nearly everyone who has ever used a lecture hall or planned an event within the College of Engineering has benefited from his technological expertise. For 25 years, Stevens has enabled multimedia applications in the classroom, from overhead projectors and transparencies in the 1980s to PowerPoint and video webcasts today. His resourcefulness, knowledge and energy drive multimedia applications from day-to-day lectures and meetings to campus events.

“He can often be seen hauling a ladder down a hallway for an emergency repair of a classroom projector between periods, or running to a classroom to help a speaker with a recalcitrant laptop,” says a colleague. And he accomplishes it all with cheerfulness and a positive, “can-do” attitude. Department chairs, program directors and other faculty and staff who have worked with Stevens uniformly praise his friendly, energetic manner.

“Jeff is one of the unseen and many times unappreciated people who make the College work every day,” says a colleague. “His contribution can most be measured in ongoing College activities: everyday classroom technology that works as expected, equipment available and set up on a moment’s notice, and interesting and creative videos produced to support College research, teaching and public service.”

In addition to providing technical support for day-to-day activities and special events, Stevens produces video that promotes the college with creativity and quality. Stevens is involved from concept to interviewing, editing and visual design. His video segments, many of which are used on the College website or at promotional events, are polished and professional, having garnered him two national awards.

“Jeff Stevens is the consummate professional: intelligent, interested, resourceful and ever willing to consider how to make sure your objectives are met,” says a colleague. “His support has made all the difference in the programs I have had the opportunity to produce with the College of Engineering.”