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Jean Hoover

Jean A. Hoover 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Remember those old mimeograph duplicating machines that churned out copies that smelled funny? Jean Hoover, a 30-year veteran of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering does.

In the three decades Hoover has worked as a classified staff employee, she's gone from the crude technology of those mimeograph machines to computers that can be programmed to print every which way.

Hoover, who oversees document duplication for the department, has learned to adapt to such changes, earning her the College of Engineering's inaugural Classified Staff Distinguished Achievement Award.

"In her 30 years with the electrical and computer engineering department, Jean has seen the service she provides change dramatically," wrote ECE's department Chair Christopher DeMarco in nominating Hoover for the award. "She has continually educated herself to stay ahead of this wave of development."

The college created the award this year to recognize the many contributions made by classified staff employees. Dean Paul Peercy says classified staff employees are often the first people that members of the public come in contact with, and often provide critical continuity for many departments.

Others who work with Hoover credit her for saving duplicating costs for the department, training student employees, and working closely with the department's teaching assistants, many of them international students who are beginning to learn the English language. And she always does it with a smile on her face.

"She has the knack to deal with everyone in a calm and resourceful way," says department program specialist Donna Lewis. "Although Jean is extremely busy, she has not forgotten the personal touch that makes work more enjoyable."

In fact, Hoover's reputation in running the department's duplication center is so well regarded that others in the college seek her out for hard-to-handle copying jobs.

"I admire her ability to juggle and meet typically short and urgent deadlines imposed by her clients with grace and wit," says Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Sarah Pfatteicher. "Her standards of excellence are invaluable and her personal skills are a benefit to the college and the ECE department."