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Undergraduate student outcomes

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1. Apply knowledge of math, science, economics, and engineering principles to solve ISYE, social or business problems
2. Recognize, describe, predict and analyze systems behavior
3. Apply experimental design or data collection and analysis, including statistics
4. Integrate problem solutions into a proposed action program or plan
5. Design human tasks for minimal stress and maximum performance
6. Contribute to solving ISyE problems and cooperate with engineers to solve engineering problems
7. Determine what information is necessary and sufficient to solve ISyE problems
8. Evaluate various approaches to ISyE problems, and select effective and applicable solutions
9. Understand physiological and cognitive aspects of humans as components in complex systems
10. Identify opportunities for improvement
11. Explicitly include consideration of ethical and global/societal issues in course projects and classes
12. Show proficiency in technical communications, including graphics
13. Justify, communicate and sell a solution at all levels, both technical and non-technical
14. Engage in continued learning and demonstrate an appreciation of the benefits of lifelong learning
15. Apply quality planning, control and improvement techniques
16. Apply computer tools such as simulation and spreadsheets
17. Apply project management tools and techniques


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