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Colloquiums: extending learning beyond the classroom 

ISyE Colloquium Recordings

ISyE Colloquium-12/04/15--Huang

"Large-Scale Smart Monitoring by Collaborative Learning and Selective Sensing"

Dr. Shuai Huang

University of Washington

Duration: 1:00:57

ISyE Colloquium-11/20/15--Vanness

"The Rising Importance of Bayesian Analysis in Health Economics and Outcomes Research"

Dr. David Vanness

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Duration: 1:00:57

ISyE Colloquium-11/06/15--Wilcox

"Supporting New Avenues of Communication between Patients and their Caregivers"

Dr. Lauren Wilcox

Georgia Institute of Technology

Duration: 1:00:57

SPECIAL TALK: ISyE Distinguished Achievement Award Winner -10/15/15--Quirk

"If I only knew then what I know from a top CEO on what you can do today to prepare yourself for a successful career tomorrow"

Patrick D. Quirk

CEO ORCA Equities, College of Engineering ISyE Distingished Achievement Award Winner

Duration: 56:24

ISyE Colloquium-10/02/15--Nagi

"Information Fusion and Inference with Hard and Soft Data: the Graph Association Problem"

Dr. Rakesh Nagi

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Duration: 1:04:42

ISyE Colloquium-09/25/15--Gutfraind

"Evaluating large-scale blood transfusion therapy for the current Ebola epidemic in Liberia"

Dr. Alexander Gutfraind

University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health

Duration: 49:43

ISyE Colloquium-09/11/15--Kantor, Albert McLay

"Special Topic: Homland Security Research at UW-Madison"

Dr. Paul Kantor; Dr. Laura Albert McLay 

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Duration: 47:14

ISyE Colloquium-04/06/15--Wang

"Infrastructure Deployment under Uncertainties and Competition"

Xin Wang, PhD

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Duration: 47:37

ISyE Colloquium-03/06/15--Apley

"Brownian Integrated Covariance Functions for Gaussian Process Modeling of Simulation Response Surfaces--Sigmoidal Versus Localized Basis Functions"

Daniel Apley, PhD

Northwestern University

Duration: 1:03:42

ISyE Colloquium-02/14/15--Marla

"An efficient data-driven approach to static and dynamic ambulance location for emergency medical services"

Lavanya Marla, PhD

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Duration: 1:06:36

ISyE Colloquium-01/27/15--Schell

"Optimal Personalized Medicine in Chronic Disease management"

Greggory J. Schell, PhD Student

University of Michigan

Duration: 1:18:14

ISyE Colloquium-01/26/15--Werner

"Engineering Health Care Systems through a Human Factors Approach"

Nicole E. Werner, PhD, Senior Research Scientist

Johns Hopkins University

Duration: 0:58:17

ISyE Colloquium-01/23/15--Russ

"Designing Clinical Decision Support to Enhance Medication Safety"

Alissa L. Russ, PhD

VA Health Service Research and Development, Centre for Health Information and Communication in Indianapolis 

Duration: 0:54:53

ISyE Colloquium-12/05/14--Quanbeck

"Evidence-based practice in healthcare : How systems-engineering based coaching models can promote sustainable organizational change"

Andrew Quanbeck

UW-Madison Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (CHESS)

Duration: 0:59:52

ISyE Colloquium-10/31/14--Smith

"Performance and Optimization of Finite Closed Queueing Network Models"
Prof. James MacGregor Smith

University of Massachusetts

Duration: 0:45:28

ISyE Colloquium-10/24/14--Kopetsky

"Healthcare, Health IT, and Opportunities in Health Systems Engineering"
Edward Kopetsky
Chief Information Officer, Stanford Children's Health - Palo Alto, CA

Duration: 1:11:32

ISyE Colloquium-10/10/14--Liao

"Some recent studies on Prognostics and Health Management of Lithium"
Prof. Haitao Liao
University of Arizona
Duration: 1:06:02

ISyE Colloquium-04/11/14--Hayward

"Health Systems Engineering at Mayo Clinic"
Dr. Mark Hayward
Mayo Clinic - Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery
Duration: 0:57:40

ISyE Colloquium-03/14/14--Hampshire

"Is the Glass 85% Full or 15% Empty? Assessing the Efficacy of San Francisco's Parking Experiment"
Dr. Robert Cornelius Hampshire
Carnegie Mellon University
Duration: 0:57:00

ISyE Colloquium-12/06/13--Swann

"Modeling and Simulation to Promote 'Efficient, Effective and Equitable' Outcomes in Public Health"
Dr. Julie Swann
Georgia Institute of Technology
Duration: 0:57:00

ISyE Colloquium-10/25/13--Camello
"Quality Monitoring - High Density Data Applications"
Dr. Jamie Camello
Virginia Tech

Duration: 0:57:03

ISyE Colloquium-04/12/13--Armstrong

"Standardization of Surgical Procedures"
Prof. Tom Armstrong
University of Michigan
Duration: 1:08:27

ISyE Colloquium-03/15/13--Kind

"Transitional Care: Bridging a Fragmented Health System to Improve Patient Safety"
Amy J Kind, MD, PhD
Duration: 1:00:17

ISyE Colloquium-03/08/13--Rodriguez

"A University Health Clinic's Struggle to Recover from EHR Workflow Hazards."
A. Joy Rodriguez
Clemson University
Duration: 0:58:56

ISyE Colloquium-02/22/13--Johnson

"Stochastic semi-Nonparametric Envelopment of Data (StoNED): A new methodology for estimating production functions and efficiency"
Andrew Johnson - Texas A&M
Duration: 0:56:47

ISyE Colloquium-02/08/13--Veeramani, Gutierrez, Steege

"Experiences and Lessons Learned from a Successful STTR-funded Research Project: RFID in Blood Products Supply Chain Management"
Raj Veeramani, UW-Madison
Alfonso Gutierrez - UW-Madison
Eric Steege - Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Network
Duration: 0:56:45