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As a first-year student, you can explore engineering by taking an introduction to engineering course. If you've already chosen a major, an introductory course will help you review your options and confirm your decision. You will also gain a great way to meet other new engineering students and engineering faculty/staff members.

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INTEREGR 101: Contemporary Issues in the Engineering Profession
2 credits
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Overview of engineering, majors, career paths, and resources.
  • Introduction to engineering, its disciplines, and its interaction with society.

  • Learn work experiences and views of the profession firsthand from practicing engineers, many of them UW alumni. The presenters represent all the UW-Madison engineering majors and a wide range of employers.

  • Learn from other speakers about current issues facing engineers, career decision-making strategies, and options such as internships and study abroad.

  • Explore the field and your interests through team projects: attend a career fair, develop a poster presentation.

INTEREGR 102: Introduction to Society's Engineering Grand Challenges
2 credits
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We scrutinize the application of engineering solutions to large-scale problems facing society in energy, health care, environment, security, and quality of life.

INTEREGR 160: Introduction to Engineering
3 credits
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Hands-on, real-world engineering design projects for clients in the Madison campus area.
  • Do engineering. Work on a real-world design project in teams with faculty and upper-class engineering students. Your team will design and construct an original solution to problems proposed by Madison-area clients. Recent projects have included a canine-assisted wheelchair, a mechanical turf-wear tester, and an erosion control system. By taking part, you will experience the design process and develop confidence in your own ability to be successful as an engineer.

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Fall and spring
MS&E 250: Introduction to Modern Materials
1 credit
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A close-up look at materials and their many applications.
  • For Materials Science and Engineering majors and students interested in materials such as ceramics, polymers, metals, composites, and semiconductors.

  • Learn about the classes of materials and what makes them different.

  • Explore properties, processing, and applications of materials.

  • Typical projects: dissecting a CD boom box and examining the materials under an electron microscope, and creating a team presentation.

ISyE 191: The Practice of Industrial Engineering
1 credit
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Exploration of industrial and systems engineering
  • Topics: Information systems, health systems, human-computer interaction, quality engineering, manufacturing, and more.

  • Find out about team dynamics, business systems, career opportunities, and internships.

  • Learn about management and design approaches to business.

ECE 252: Introduction to Computer Engineering
2 credits
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Opportunities in computer engineering
  • Learn the latest practices in computer design.

  • Get the big picture of the economic and historical influence of computing systems on today's world.

  • Find out how engineering is used to solve challenging problems.

  • Prepare for study in the computer engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science degree programs.

Fall and Spring
GLE 171: Introduction to Geological Engineering
1 credit
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Exploration of geological engineering
  • Take field trips to quarries, building excavation sites, and landfills that will reveal important earth science principles.

  • Learn from experts about geological engineering career opportunities, research, and benefits to society.

  • Try out ideas in a conceptual design project.


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