Engineering is a constantly evolving discipline, and one trend in recent years has been the increasing emphasis on topics that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Teaching students to work on multi-disciplinary teams and providing students with opportunities to study communication, law, ethics, and business makes them better engineers, better alumni, and better citizens.

The Interdisciplinary Engineering (InterEgr) Timetable designation provides a home for courses that are applicable to the majority of engineering disciplines and for which expertise exists in the college, but that do not fit neatly into any single academic department within the college. “InterEgr” does not necessarily mean “interdisciplinary” or “cross-disciplinary” but “general-purpose, appropriate for all engineering students.” Descriptions of the current InterEgr course offerings are available at

Course Proposals

Course proposals require approval by the Academic Planning, Curriculum and Regulation Committee (APCRC) and a Divisional Committee, as is the case with all new College of Engineering courses. Given the broad nature of the courses to be offered under this heading, new course proposals require three letters of support from faculty with expertise in the subject(s) being taught — these faculty may be from within engineering or from other fields, but at least two of the letters must be from current UW-Madison faculty. The intent of these letters is to ensure that the courses being offered are as rigorous and well-designed as any on this campus. These letters are in lieu of the departmental approval required of current courses. The Director of the Technical Communications Program in Engineering Professional Development is responsible for processing and presenting InterEngineering course proposals (and supporting letters) to the APCRC.


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