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Thin-Film Deposition Facilities

Thin-film fabrication techniques used at UW-Madison include physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), plasma polymerization, and plasma etching. PVD systems include sputtering (RF and DC magnetron, triode magnetron and ion beam) and evaporation (both restively and electron-beam heated). The evaporation systems can be equipped for an ion beam assist.

Most PVD systems are capable of depositing multiple materials, either sequentially or concurrently. Several PVD systems are capable of both sputtering and evaporation. CVD systems include a conventional high-temperature reactor and a plasma-assisted reactor. Plasma polymerization and plasma etching can be carried out over a wide range of frequencies, from AC to microwave.

A Perkin-Elmer 430P MBE is available in the Materials Science Center for the growth of epitaxial semiconductors with both high structural and electrical quality. It contains all of the conventional features found in a state-of-the-art MBE, including multiple-sample cassette loadblock, preparation chamber for pregrowth thermal treatments, RHEED, and residual gas analyzer with quadruple mass spectrometer. The MBE system is equipped with seven Knudsen effusion cells (As, Ga, In, and Al, plus two Si and one Be dopant sources). The arsenic source consists of a large capacity bulk evaporator and highly efficient cracker. The MBE has been interfaced to computers to provide fully automated operation with real-time data logging capabilities. A self-contained transfer system to allow sample transfers to other facilities, e.g. STM or Auger/ESCA, is available.

For deposition of thicker films (greater than 100 microns), a Mecto 4M Plasma Spray Unit is available. This device uses a DC arc to generate a hot plasma, which is used to melt metallic or ceramic powders. These are sprayed directly on a substrate. The 4M unit has a maximum power level of 40 kW.

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