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Allen, Anderson, Babcock, Drugan, Eom, Morgan, Pfefferkorn, Root, Sridharan, Stone, Szlufarska, Xu

Computational and theoretical modeling of materials

Drugan, Eriten, Hitchon, Knezevic, Morgan, Negrut, Osswald, Szlufarska, Turng

Electronic materials

Arnold, Babcock, Booske, Botez, Eom, Eriksson, Evans, Goldsmith, Gopalan, Hitchon, Knezevic, Jiang, Jin, Kuech, Lagally, Ma, Mawst, McDermott, Morgan, Nealey, Shohet, Szlufarska, Turner, van der Weide, Voyles, Wang, Wendt

Magnetic and superconducting materials

Eom, Evans, Jin, Lagally, Onellion, Rzchowski, Tikoff, van der Weide, Voyles

Materials for energy or environmental technology

Allen, Anderson, Arnold, Eriksson, Goldsmith, Hamers, Klingenberg, Kuech, Lagally, Morgan, Sridharan, Wang


Allen, Crone, Drugan, Eriten, Kou, Lakes, Perepezko, Pfefferkorn, Sridharan, Stone, Turng, Voyles


Abbott, Arnold, Anderson, Babcock, Block, Booske, Botez, Cai, Coppersmith, Crone, Eom, Eriksson, Eriten, Evans, Goldsmith, Gong, Gopalan, Hamers, Hitchon, Jin, Knezevic, Kuech, Lagally, Lakes, Wan-Ju Li, Lynn, Ma, Mahanthappa, Mawst, McDermott, Nealey, Negrut, Onellion, Perepezko, Root, Rzchowski, Sheinis, Shohet, Sridharan, Szlufarska, Turng, Turner, van der Weide, Voyles, Wang, Weibel, Wendt, Winokur, Xu

Photonics and optical materials

Abbott, Arnold, Botez, Goldsmith, Gopalan, Jin, Knezevic, Mawst, McCaughan, Sheinis, Yu

Plasma processing

Hitchon, Sarmadi, Shohet, Sridharan, Wendt

Polymers and biomaterials

Abbott, Ashton, Beebe, Cai, Chesler, Coppersmith, Crone, Eom, Eriksson, Gilbert, Goldsmith, Gong, Gopalan, Hamers, Jiang, Jin, Keely, Klingenberg, Lagally, Lakes, Wan-Ju Li, Lynn, Mahanthappa, Martin, Masters, Murphy, Murrell, Nealey, Ogle, Osswald, Palecek, Sarmadi, Shohet, Turng, Vanderby, van der Weide, Weibel, Winokur, Wong

Structural materials and mechanical properties

Allen, Cramer, Crone, Drugan, Eriten, Gilbert, Gong, Klingenberg, Lakes, Martin, Perepezko, Pfefferkorn, Rowlands, Sheinis, Sridharan, Stone, Szlufarska, Tikoff, Turner, Turng, Vanderby, Wang