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Illustrative Ph.D. Curriculum for New Students

Illustrative curriculum for 1st 2 semesters for new students

Fall Semester (first semester): 3 courses + seminar

MS&E 448: Crystallography and X-Ray Diffraction
Applied mathematical analysis course (such as CBE 660, NE (NEEP) 547 Math 703 or Math 704, etc.)
CBE 440 or MS&E 351 (introductory Mat. Sci. courses for students without prior background)
MS&E 900 (seminar)
Additional and/or substitute courses — for students with the necessary backgrounds: MS&E 530: Thermodynamics of Solids; EMA 506: Advanced Mechanics of Materials I; MS&E 451: Introduction to Ceramic Materials; Phys 551: Solid State Physics, Chem 561: Physical Chemistry.

Spring Semester (second semester): 3 courses + seminar

MS&E 330 (Thermodynamics, for students without a Mat. Sci. background)
MS&E 748, MS&E 770, or Geol 777 (instrumentation and materials analysis)
For general solid state physics or electronic materials: Phys 551 or CBE 544 or ECE 745
For mechanics: EMA 622 or EMA 700 or MS&E 751 or EMA 611 or EMA 506
For polymeric materials: CBE 540 or Chem 654 or Chem 664
For all students: MS&E 900 (seminar)

For the second year, it is sufficient to take 4 remaining lecture courses, most or all at or above the 600 level. Make sure that at some point during the two years you satisfy the math requirement. Recommendations include CBE 660, NE (NEEP) 547/ NE (NEEP) 548, Math 703 or Math 704, Phys 721. Others possible by petition.

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