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A message from Dean Paul Peercy
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Paul Peercy

Lawrence Casper

Deanna Dietrich

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Annual Report, 2002

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Paul Peercy, Deanna Dietrich and Lawrence Casper

From left to right: College of Engineering Dean Paul Peercy, Associate Dean for Research and Policy Administration Deanna Dietrich and Assistant Dean for Research and Technology Transer Lawrence Casper. (Photo: Bob Rashid) (22K JPG)

The health of Wisconsin's economy depends on innovative, cost-effective solutions to industry problems. Teams of UW-Madison College of Engineering faculty, staff and students work hand in hand with Wisconsin industry to meet its challenges. Industrial partnerships are a strong component of our campus culture, and will continue to be vital as we all work together to grow Wisconsin's economic future.

In addition to solving industry problems, we are hard at work creating new knowledge that will also bring dollars into the state. In the fiscal year 2001-02, the college set its third consecutive record for annual research expenditures at more than $95 million. Engineering faculty continue to create new companies spun off of their research. And engineering faculty and staff made 116 patent disclosures to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation in fiscal 2002, the largest number of disclosures from any UW-Madison school or college.

Whether it's creating new knowledge, starting new enterprises or applying new technology to existing problems, we will continue to be a strong partner At Work for Wisconsin.

2001-2002 Total Funding Sources

Federal Government 50%
Business, Industry, Foundations and Others 14%
General Program Revenues (State Taxes) 17%
Engineering Professional Development 8%
Student Fees 8%
Graduate School Research 2%
Miscellaneous 1%

Source: College of Engineering Annual Report, 2002

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