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Laboratories on a chip:
Microfluidics technology helps optimize process of DNA delivery to cells
   Quality control:
Industrial engineering team helps improve output at Springs Window Fashions
Impervious problems:
Researchers work to make the effects of urbanization soak in
   A solid basis for support:
COE helps industry investigate the effectiveness of soil stabilization techniques
Friendly bacteria:
Collaboration results in improved products and healthier immune systems
   Virtual house calls:
In-home computer-based system optimizes patient care
On-line all the time:
COE researcher helps usher in digital age at small-city clinic
   Microbial mystery:
COE researcher helps Wisconsin engineers pinpoint source of efficiency and savings
EZ Access:
Making the world more accessible one product at a time
   Reliable, powerful, efficient:
Aluminum-free lasers light the path toward better communications
The healing power of light:
WCSAR technology helps mend hard-to-heal wounds
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