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Harold J. Steudel

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MIEB addition

ME renovation
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In last November's newsletter I told you about the $33 million renovation and addition to the 1930 Mechanical Engineering Building, which would provide us with one centralized home, complete with central locations for the faculty, new student laboratories, and most of the IE centers.

Plans call for tearing down the Sawtooth structure and replacing it with a three-story, 35,000-assignable-square-foot addition. Elsewhere, major remodeling and new electrical and data infrastructure will install 21st-century technologies in existing laboratories and classrooms. Through the renovation, we gain a myriad of opportunities for faculty and students to interact with each other — especially across disciplines.

Time is of the essence: The Engineering Centers Building, which opens next year, will provide temporary extra space to house those displaced by the ME renovation. And though we must raise the college's $10 million project contribution quickly, the state will contribute more than two-thirds the total cost of the renovation. This means we have a unique opportunity to leverage your donations with state funds: For every $10 you give, the state will contribute an additional $23.

We heartily appreciate the support you have already given us and look forward to your generosity in the future.

To make a donation, contact Deb Holt at University of Wisconsin Foundation, 608/263-4545, or E-mail

The start of the fall semester is always an exciting time: We welcome both new and continuing students, as well as many new opportunities and challenges arising in a spirit of renewal. This semester is particularly rewarding, with Ben-Tzion Karsh joining our IE faculty as a new assistant professor. Bentzi's two current areas of research, which he would like to develop, are the causes of acute occupational injuries and interventions to reduce them, and ergonomic applications in primary and long-term care. Methodologically, he uses epidemiological methods to answer questions in these research areas — areas and approaches that nobody else in the department addresses. I think that you will find great interest in the article about Bentzi in this newsletter, one of several articles featuring the work and accomplishments of our dedicated faculty.

In looking at the year ahead, one of our goals is to expand the size and spectrum of our department's "visiting committee." We have had a visiting committee comprised of highly successful and accomplished people from industry, business and academia for more than five years, yet few were our alumni. These members typically serve one or more three-year terms, and advise our department faculty on various strategic issues during our annual all-day meeting, typically held in late April. We now look to include more alumni in a larger committee. In particular, we want to add one alumnus who has graduated from one to five years ago, one alumnus who graduated six to 10 years ago, one alumnus who graduated 11 to 15 years ago, and two people who graduated 15 or more years ago. We welcome people from all areas of the profession, and hope that you might be interested. If you are willing to join our advisory board/visiting committee and are interested in once again establishing a closer relationship with us, please send me your resume by Jan. 15 so that we can finalize the membership.
Jane Mandula

Jane Mandula (24K JPG)

I am also pleased to announce that IE alumna Jane Mandula was selected to receive one of the college's 12 Distinguished Service Awards at the 54th annual Engineers' Day held Oct. 26. Jane is a highly accomplished industrial and consulting engineer executive, who provided leadership in developing and publishing "Reengineering for Results," a widely publicized reengineering methodology. She is co-owner and vice president of the Gen/Tran Corporation, one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Atlanta in 2000, and the first woman ever to receive this award in industrial engineering. Congratulations, Jane!

One of the key objectives of this biannual newsletter is to establish better communications with you — our alumni and friends. We would like to hear from you with updates to your addresses, job titles and any interesting goings-on so that we can enhance the accuracy of our alumni database and share the good things that are happening with your lives and careers. Just E-mail me to let me know what you are doing. I hope that you enjoy this newsletter, and as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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