UW-Madison iGEM

UW-Madison iGEM

Developing Synthetic Biology Solutions to Life's Problems

iGEM: international Genetically Engineered Machines Competition


iGEM 2012 Kickoff meeting:

Wednesday November 30th, 2011   at 5:00PM in Room 1610 Engr Hall

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Congratulations to the 2011 iGEM Team

For Earning a GOLD Medal



2011 Jamboree Results


About iGEM

The international Genetically Engineered Machine Competition


iGEM Motivation:

"Living systems can be considered as a different type of machine-- where genes, proteins, and biomolecules are the moving parts that make useful things happen. The question is, can we manipulate and assemble those parts to perform unique functions in living cells?"

For more information on iGEM please visit: www.igem.org

•Design your own research project

             – Must meet the iGEM competition requirements

             - Biobricks, presentation, etc

•Perform research to complete project

             – Phase I: Spring ’12

                          - background research, outline a research project, order materials

                          - training in synthetic biology techniques

                          - training in how to design DNA using the Registry of Standard Biological Parts

                          - design education and outreach projects

             – Phase II: Summer ’12

                          – conduct research

                          - participate in weekly research meetings

                          - attend weekly seminars with other REU students

                          - participate in local science outreach activities

             – Phase III: Fall ’12

                          – tie up loose ends

                          - prepare presentations (oral and poster)

                          - publish successful projects

•Present research

             – 2012 iGEM Jamborees

                          - Americas Regional Jamboree (October, location TBA)

                          – iGEM World Finals, (early Nov) Cambridge, MA, if invited

             – Campus forums, courses, competitions

What Do You Do in iGEM?


Please attend the kickoff meeting and submit an application. Applications are due Dec 9th.

Download an Application



Email us:

Download an Application.

Due Dec 9th, 2011