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 Future undergraduate students


Transfer students


The Engineering General Resources (EGR) office can offer advice on transfer policies, discuss degree requirements, and help students plan an educational program.


Some transfer students begin their studies at UW-Madison schools and colleges outside the College of Engineering, such as the School of Nursing or the College of Letters and Science. Others begin their studies at two- and four-year institutions outside UW-Madison. Students who have already been admitted to a College of Engineering degree-granting program may switch engineering programs if their interests change.




Generally, if courses are chosen appropriately, students at other accredited institutions can transfer at least two years of course work and the credits will apply toward engineering degree requirements. Students anticipating a transfer should consider the requirements for their intended major and whether their initial campus offers acceptable basic courses. At all stages, students must understand that transfer admission to the College of Engineering is competitive; they therefore must plan carefully to establish an academic record of success.




UW-Madison students in other schools and colleges on campus, and College of Engineering students wanting to change to another engineering program, must meet the requirements for admission to engineering degree granting classifications. Effective immediately students not in the College of Engineering may apply a maximum of two times to the College of Engineering.  Beginning Fall 2014 students not in the College of Engineering will be held to the 80 credit limit outlined below. The requirements are the minimum for admission consideration; the grade point requirements can be higher as demand trends change. The student’s overall academic record at UW-Madison is also considered. Although transfer credits are considered, grades from transfer courses are not included int he grade point calculations for engineering admission.  


80 Credit Limit - Beginning Fall Semester 2014 students who have earned more than 80 credits at the time of application are not eligible to apply for transfer admission to the College of Engineering.


The 80 credits include:

  • All credits completed at the time of application, including UW-Madison credits and transferable credits from other colleges and universities

The 80 credits do not include:

  • In-progress credits (at the time of application)
  • Retroactive foreign language credits
  • Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits
  • Advanced Level (A-Level) credits
  • UW-Madison calculus credits awarded by examination

The credit limit does not apply to candidates at other institutions who are in transfer agreement programs with the College of Engineering and to candidates who have already completed a bachelor's degree.


Students apply to their intended engineering program by submitting the Application for Transfer into a Degree-granting Engineering Program form by December 1 for spring semester and May 1 for fall. Interested students are encouraged to consult early and often with advisors in the EGR Office.




Students who previously attended UW but have not been enrolled for a semester or more.


Returning adults/Second degree




Engineering Transfer Blueprint


The Engineering Transfer Blueprint is a program for Madison Area Technical College (Madison College) students interested in guaranteed admission to participating degree programs in the College of Engineering. To qualify, students must be enrolled at Madison College and sign the program declaration form prior to completing 30 college transfer credits at Madison College. Upon completing the Blueprint requirements, they are guaranteed admission to their specified program of interest. Madison College also offers a suggested two-year curriculum that incorporates the required Blueprint courses. Interested students should consult Madison College or the Transfer Admissions Coordinator in the EGR Office.