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Donate to the Freshwater and Marine Sciences Program. Contact Prof. Steven P. Loheide about options for giving.


Thank you for your support

For those of you have contributed financially, our thanks on behalf of the entire program for the important service that you provide to our current and future students.


Gifts to the UW Foundation may be in the form of cash, appreciated securities, personal or real property. Pledges may be made over a period of years. Gifts to the UW Foundation are fully tax deductible.


For more information please contact:

Ann Leahy
Managing Senior Director of Development
University of Wisconsin Foundation
1848 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53726


Engineering Student Foundation, UW-Madison


Connect for Life: Alumni inspire students

The newly-formed Engineering Student Foundation, UW-Madison is dedicated to building a greater awareness of the impact of giving on current students and recent graduates. Check out how philanthropy benefits students every day and how to get involved!