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Engineers named Vilas Associates

Six College of Engineering faculty members will receive support for their research as 2014 Vilas Associates. The prestigious awards, given by the UW-Madison Graduate School, recognize and fund research of the highest quality and significance. The competition provides each winner with up to two years of salary support and $25,000 in flexible research funding. Among the 26 who won this year across UW-Madison are the following engineers:

Paul Campagnola, professor of biomedical engineering, is developing a personalized medicine approach for ovarian cancer by using microscopy imaging data to make scaffolds that mimic the tumor microenvironment of ovarian cancer patients.

Shaoqin “Sarah” Gong, associate professor of biomedical engineering, is developing multifunctional polymer drug nanocarriers for targeted cancer therapy. 

George Huber, professor of chemical and biological engineering, is studying, demonstrating and understanding the scientific and engineering principles that will enable society to economically produce renewable liquid transportation fuels and chemicals.

Dane Morgan, associate professor of materials science and engineering, is computationally designing novel oxygen reduction catalysts for solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) with low-cost and unprecedented low-temperature efficiency, supporting commercialization of SOFCs and a major shift in our stationary power generation.

Dan Negrut, associate professor of mechanical engineering, is using supercomputers to enhance the role that the discipline of computational multibody dynamics plays in characterizing the dynamics of discrete media—for example, powders, granular materials, gravel and rocks, among others.

Eric Shusta, professor of chemical and biological engineering, is exploring how protein engineering tools can be used to enhance the delivery of drugs for the treatment of debilitating brain diseases.

Scott Gordon