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This certificate program is designed to help an undergraduate engineering student gain conversational and written skills in colloquial Japanese, reading and translation skills in technical Japanese, and an understanding of Japanese culture. In order to receive the certificate a student must complete a minimum of 27 credits in approved courses related to Japanese language and culture. The following five courses, representing 24 credits, are required:

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
E Asian 103First Semester Japanese (6 cr.)
E Asian 104Second Semester Japanese (6 cr.)
E Asian 203Third Semester Japanese (6 cr.)
EPD 374Intermediate Technical Japanese I(3 cr.)
EPD 375Intermediate Technical Japanese II(3 cr.)

The combination of E Asian 123 and E Asian 124 (3 credits each) may be substituted for E Asian 103. One elective may be chosen by the student from the following list. Students are strongly encouraged to take E Asian 204 in order to strengthen their ability to communicate in Japanese. The student may not elect the pass/fail option for any course that is used to satisfy the minimum requirements for the Certificate.

Course NumberCourse Title
Art Hist 372Arts of Japan
Art Hist 375Later Japanese Painting and Woodblock Prints
E A Stds 222Introduction to East Asian Civilization
E Asian 204Fourth Semester Japanese
E Asian 303 & 304Fifth & Sixth Semester Japanese
E Asian 403 & 404Seventh & Eighth Semester Japanese
E Asian 253Introduction to Japanese Culture and Civilization
E Asian 358Language in Japanese Society
E Asian 377Business Japanese Communication
EPD 430Japanese for Business and Industry
EPD 450Japanese for Politics and Government
EPD 499Senior Independent Study
EPD 530Advanced Technical Japanese Seminar
History 104Introduction to East Asian History: Japan
History 454Japan in the Age of the Samurai
History 455Japan's Modern Century, 1853-1952
Lit Trans 263 & 264Survey of Japanese Literature in Translation I & II (for non-E Asian majors)
Poli Sci 342Japan and the World Order
Poli Sci 640Politics of Japan

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