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Staff Directory

Agasie, Robert J. - Nuclear Reactor Director
Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Bader, Aaron C. - Research Associate

Blanchard, Michelle M. - Reactor Supervisor/ Senior Reactor Operator

Bohm, Tim D. - Associate Scientist
Fusion Technology Institute

Bader, Aaron C. - Research Associate

Bongard, Michael W. - Research Associate

Bonomo, Richard L. - Associate Researcher
Fusion Technology Institute

Brooks, Paul W. - Senior Instrumentation Specialist

Bruggink, Dennis C. - Research Program Manager III
Fusion Technology Institute

Cao, Guoping - Assistant Scientist

Christenson, Dina A. - Payroll and Benefits Spec. Advanced

Coddington, Bryan P. - Instrumentation Specialist

Davis, Andrew - Associate Scientist

DeKock, James R. - Associate Researcher

Edwards, Corey S. - Instrument Specialist

Gao, Jin - Honorary Associate/Fellow

Griego, Nancy - University Grants and Contract Specialist
Fusion Technology Institute

Hammond, Tony H. - UNIX Systems Administrator

Heltemes, Thad Alexander - Honorary Assoc/Fellow
Fusion Technology Institute
Perform 1-D thermonuclear fusion simulations using the BUCKY radiation hydrodynamics code -- Perform 2-D thermonuclear fusion simulations using the DRACO radiation hydrodynamics code -- Research methods of improving target-chamber interactions in thermonuclear fusion simulations

Hu, Jiangtao - Assistant Researcher
Fusion Technology Institute

Kriewaldt, Kim R. - Instrumentation Tech

Kujak-Ford, Benjamin A. - Senior Research Specialist

Lewicki, Benjamin T. - Associate Instrumentation Innovator/Research

Manolache, Sorin O. - Assistant Scientist
Research Interest -- Plasma chemistry and plasma polymerization, including synthesis of nanoparticles -- Plasma-induced functionalization of organic and inorganic substrates, including biotech applications -- Chromatography, mass spectrometry and hyphenated techniques for diagnostic of complex systems...

Manthey, Dennis P. - Academic Department Manager

Marriott, Edward P. - Associate Researcher
Fusion Technology Institute

Martin, Carl J. - Researcher
College of Engineering, Fusion Technology Institute

McKee, George R. - Senior Scientist
Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Plasma turbulence diagnostic development -- Fluctuation measurement acquisition with Beam Emission Spectroscopy at the DIII-D Tokamak -- Plasma turbulence studies in high temperature fusion-grade plasmas -- Data analysis technique development -- Assisting and advising graduate students and Post-doctoral...

Murphy, John G. - Assistant Faculty Associate
nuclear reactor safety and operations (NRC licensed senior reactor operator) -- computer code simulations of molten core/coolant interactions -- fission and fusion reactor safety analyses -- Engineering Professional Development 160 instructor -- member Academic Staff Appeals Committee

Oakley, Jason G. - Associate Scientist
Fusion Technology Institute, Mechanical Engineering, Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems, Wisconsin Shock Tube
Experimental investigation of hydrodynamic instabilities: shock-induced Richtmyer-Meshkov (gas-gas, membrane, and soap film interfaces), incompressible Rayleigh-Taylor, and magenetorheological Rayleigh-Taylor. -- Computational fluid dynamics of hydrodynamic instabilites. -- Shock refraction studies,...

Pakarinen, Janne - Assistant Visiting Scientist

Prochaska, Jesse J. - Accountant

Redd, Aaron J. - Assistant Scientist

Sandrik, Suzannah - Associate Faculty Associate
Engineering Mechanics

Schlutt, Mark - Research Associate

Schmitt, Harrison H. - Honorary Assoc/Fellow
Also Geology and Geophysics
Fusion Technology Institute
Also Geology and Geophysics

Fusion Technology Institute

Shaing, Kerchung - Senior Scientist

Smith, David R. - Assistant Scientist

Swandby, Mark O. - Emeritus

Tan, Lizhen - Honorary Assoc/Fellow

Tyburska-Puschel, Beata - Assistant Scientist

Uzun-Kaymak, Ilker U. - Honorary Associate/Fellow

Volpe, Francesco - Honorary Associate/Fellow

Wegner, Katherine J. - Financial Specialist 3
Center for Plasma Theory and Computation

Welc-LePain, Joan - Research Administrator

Winz, Gregory R. - Instrumentation Technologist

Wood, Betsy A. - Senior Student Status Examiner
Engineering Mechanics, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics
Graduate Coordinator for Engineering Mechanics, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics -- Curriculum (Timetable) Representative -- Event Planner for Graduation Luncheon, Undergraduate Scholarship Luncheon, New Graduate Student and New TA Orientations -- Student Records Custodian

Xu, Peng - Honorary Associate/Fellow

Yan, Shi Luo - Instrument Specialist
Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing

Yan, Zheng - Assistant Scientist

Yang, Yong - Honorary Assoc/Fellow
Materials Science Center

Zhu, Ping - Associate Scientist
Center for Plasma Theory and Computation

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