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Spring / Summer 2007
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Professor Greg Moses and Researcher Mike Litzkow

To record eTEACH lectures, Professor
Greg Moses
—pictured with Researcher Mike Litzkow (left)—converts his office into
a video studio. (Larger image)

eTEACH all-platform friendly

Decorative initial eTEACH, the free software tool for authoring and delivering online lectures, is getting an upgrade. Created by Professor Greg Moses, Researcher Mike Litzkow and Mathematics Professor (now emeritus) John Strikwerda in 1999, eTEACH is an authoring tool for delivering Web-based presentations that combine video, audio and animations with slides, captions and quizzes. An instructor can move his or her PowerPoint presentations to the Web and retain animations and high-resolution slides. With eTEACH, an instructor can present a multimedia lecture or laboratory demonstration by integrating video, a PowerPoint slide presentation, and a Web browser.

Authors can use eTEACH to create customized presentations, with synchronized video or audio. They can control the timing of transitions and titles and vary the size of the video window vis-a-vis the PowerPoint window. Depending on which is more important to the lesson, the author can, for example, expand the video window to highlight the speaker or the PowerPoint window to show a slide with bullet points.

With the recent upgrade, eTEACH is now cross-platform. “The old version was a Windows-only application for both presentation authors (professors) and end users (students),” says Litzkow. “Authors had to download and install a Windows application on their computers to create eTEACH lectures. Now, they can author eTEACH content from almost any machine that has a Web browser and a Flash plug-in.”

Students can now view eTEACH presentations on almost any computer with a Web browser and Flash, a feat tested on Windows and Macs with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, Litzkow says.

The eTEACH upgrade was funded through the UW-Madison Division of Information Technology Engage Program.


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