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Wendy Crone leads nanoworld education efforts and Art Ellis joins NSF

Arthur B. Ellis

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Wendy Crone

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When Chemistry Professor Art Ellis, takes a two-year post as head of the National Science Foundation's chemistry division in July, he'll be vacating his long-standing position as director of education and outreach for the college's NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) on nanostructured materials and interfaces.

As someone who spearheaded efforts to develop kits, activities, instructional materials and coursework so that people nationwide at all age and educational levels can learn about the nanoworld, Ellis also is leaving some pretty big shoes to fill.

"Art has so many things going on that it's a bit bewildering," says Assistant Professor Wendy Crone, who has collaborated with Ellis both through MRSEC outreach activities and on two research grants.

As of July 1, Crone, will become MRSEC's new director of education and outreach. It's a position that appeals to her own interests and activities in those areas. In addition to serving on the MRSEC team, Crone also will continue to conduct outreach and education activities for the department. "Because of our collaborations, it seemed like a natural thing for Art both through to think of me in the MRSEC role," she says of her new appointment.

Crone will work closely with George Lisensky, a Beloit College chemistry professor, and other MRSEC faculty and staff to extend MRSEC's outreach activities even further. "What we want to do in the next couple of years is expand kit development into new areas within the MRSEC interdisciplinary research groups," she says. "This is something that's been done in the past and we're going to make a very concerted effort to expand that." With staff member Janet Kennedy, Crone plans to help the Girl Scouts develop a junior-scout-level badge on exploring the nanoworld. And with Assistant Professor Rob Carpick, she is developing a new course in nanomaterials and micromechanics, which will yield even more MRSEC web-based instructional materials.

Ellis knows he's leaving the position in good hands. "I have had a chance to work with Wendy on several projects, and I'm very excited about her taking over this responsibility," he says. "I know she'll provide outstanding leadership."


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