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The September 2002 issue of the Boeing Materials and Process Technology newsletter reports the certification and application of wear-resistant diamondlike carbon films deposited by plasma techniques for aircraft components. The article mentions the role of collaborative research between Boeing, the UW-Madison plasma-source ion implantation laboratory (part of the Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing), and Los Alamos National Laboratory in the development of these films.

Materials Update, a publication of the (journal) Nature Publishing Group, printed a story about the nuclear-powered microelectromechanical systems developed by Professor James Blanchard, Associate Professor Douglass Henderson and former Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Amit Lal.

The Aug. 30 issue of Science magazine praised the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center website (www.mrsec.wisc.edu/edetc/index.html) for "Exploring the Nanoworld," an extensive section of the site dedicated to outreach and education. Assistant Professor Wendy Crone is the MRSEC outreach/education director.

The cover of the June 3 issue of Physical Review Letters features an image from the article, "Material Anisotropy Revealed by Phase Contrast in Intermittent Contact Atomic Force Microscopy," by Assistant Professor Rob Carpick, Physics Assistant Professor Mark Eriksson, physics graduate student Matt Marcus, and collaborator Darryl Sasaki of Sandia National Laboratories.


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