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Alumni News

We heard a rumor that Jose Martin (PhDNE '70) has been appointed vice president for academic affairs at the University of Texas-Brownsville. Congratulations, Jose! And don't be so shy about telling us.

We learned recently that Steve Bohlman (BSNE '75) was promoted to managing director at Alliant Energy in Madison. Steve is responsible for marketing and wholesale sales and service.

George Neil (PhDNE '77) writes that he is now the free electron laser deputy program manager at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia. George (we knew him as "Randy" when he was a student) says that he "keeps his sanity by running marathons and recently won the Seniors Division in South Carolina." Way to go, Randy!

Jeff Sniegowski (BSNE '81, PhD '91) sent word that he has "decided to have an adventure outside Sandia and become part of a MEMS startup, MEMX, Inc.," which is located in Albuquerque.

Marc Winthrop (BSNE '86, MS '87) passed on the news that he has joined Prudential Securities as vice president in the Prudential Volpe Technology Group, where he is specializing in telecommunications investment banking.

In case you missed it, Heather MacLean (BSNE '96) showed up on C-SPAN recently. Heather, a PhD student at MIT, testified to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee about the student perspective on nuclear energy. It was a pleasure to see her on the panel alongside such dignitaries as Richard Rhodes, Corbin McNeil and Richard Meserve. Nice job, Heather!

Jessie Corbett (BSEM '98) reports that she has accepted a position with Boeing-Houston and is excited about getting into aerospace.

Do you have a new job, address, spouse or child? Please, let us know what good things are happening with your lives and careers—and we'll share it with EP alumni in this column.

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The Fusion Technology Institute maintains a web-based list of fusion alumni and their current employers; you can access it at fti.neep.wisc.edu/db-cgi/@grads. You also can send in updates through that webpage.


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