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We read that Paul Miskimin (MSNE '67) has been named president and CEO of BNFL, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. BNFL Inc., is a nuclear-waste management, decommissioning, engineering, spent-fuel storage and nuclear-materials handling company. It is head-quartered in Fairfax, Virginia, and has offices around the country.

There was a nice article on Jeff Miller (MSNEEP '97) in the fall '99 issue of Perspective. Jeff is now working for BALL Semiconductor on the development of manufacturing techniques to produce integrated circuits, sensors and other microelectronic devices on silicon spheres as opposed to flat wafers.

News has come our way that Todd Gerhardt (BS '77, MSEM '78) has been appointed director of engineering for the engines business at Kohler Co.

We are pleased that Sean Kohles (BS '88, MSEM '89) has received the Special Speaker Award from MTS Systems Corp. for contributions to the field of biomechanical testing. Sean is an assistant professor at Worcester Polytechnique Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts, and has adjunct appointments at the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

We recently learned that Jim Meister (BSNE '78) has been named plant manager at Commonwealth Edison's La Salle nuclear power station in Seneca, Illinois. Congratulations to Jim!

Congratulations to Tom Tynan (BSNE '82) who was recently honored by Southern Nuclear Company with the President's Award. This award is given to the employee who exhibits leadership contributions that improve the performance of the company's nuclear power plants. Tom is the plant superintendent for Unit 1 of the Vogtle Nuclear Plant in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Kris Kummings (MSNE '99) wrote that he is getting settled into Holtec International, where he is working on dry cask storage. Kris says he loves his job.

For those of you who have trouble keeping up with Al Mense (PhDNE '76) we heard that he is now with the Motorola NSS/Core Networks Group in Chandler, Arizona. Al says he is working on an idea to create "the mother of all networks."

We also heard that Babak Kusha (BSNE '86) has changed his "coordinates" and is now with Townsend & Townsend & Crew in Palo Alto, California.

We got a note from Fred Beranek (MS '73, PhDNE '78) who wrote that he is chairman of the industrial advisory committee for the nuclear engr. department at North Carolina State. Fred is with Westinghouse Safety Management Solutions in Aiken, South Carolina.

We were pleased by a visit from Munpyo Hong (PhDNEEP '95) to Madison recently. Munpyo is with Samsung Electronics in Korea and came to Madison on business related to the Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing, led by Professor Noah Hershkowitz.

We were saddened to learn that Ted Zach (BSEM '69) died last summer.

Geoff Bares (BSEM '99) wrote that he is getting settled into his new job at Boeing in Houston, Texas. Boeing-Houston is headed by Brewster Shaw (BSEM '69) who also serves on our industrial advisory committee. Boeing-Houston is heavily involved in developing the International Space Station.

Paul Freiwald (BSEM '98) wrote that he is now working with Contract Engineering Services on assignment to BNFL; he's working on processes for sampling nuclear waste. He says his job is "80 percent mechanical and 20 percent nuclear engineering." It must be his excellent engineering mechanics education that allows him to move into new fields.

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