University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering
Team of undergraduates who designed and tested habitable space for NASA.

An interdisciplinary team of undergraduates spent more than two semesters designing, prototyping and testing an inflatable, habitable space for the NASA eXploration Habitat Academic Innovation Challenge. Their efforts paid off: On July 1, 2011, NASA announced the UW-Madison team won the competition.


Engineering mechanics
BS, MS, PhD in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics


Our undergraduate mechanics program offers a comprehensive curriculum in structural mechanics, mechanics of materials, and dynamics. It is distinct from the mechanical engineering degrees in its focus on mechanics and orientation toward fundamental, rigorous approaches to problem solving. Graduates of the undergraduate program either go on to graduate school or seek employment with companies such as Boeing or Ford. We have strong graduate programs in mechanics of materials, nanomechanics, structural dynamics, and vibrations.


Astronautics option
BS in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics


As part of our undergraduate mechanics program, we offer an option in astronautics, which is the study of navigation outside of Earth's atmosphere. This program includes the fundamental courses in mechanics, but supplements those fundamentals with courses such as satellite dynamics, astrodynamics, aerodynamics, and controls systems. Graduates typically work for institutions such as Boeing, NASA or their contractors.