University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering

Giving to EP

For those of you have contributed financially, our thanks on behalf of the entire department for the important service that you provide to our current and future students.

Your generosity has enabled us to subsidize the costs of textbooks, educational experience abroad, student conference travel, awards for best TAs and instructors, and need-based financial aid.

ECE: Make a gift online through University of Wisconsin Foundation




Gifts to the UW Foundation may be in the form of cash, appreciated securities, personal or real property. Pledges may be made over a period of years. Gifts to the UW Foundation are fully tax deductible.

For more information please contact:

Aaron P. Mullins
Director of Development

University of Wisconsin-Madison
2258 Mechanical Engineering Building
1513 University Ave.
Madison, WI  53706-1691

(608) 308-5287

Students in the Weightless Wonder

Engineering students Lisa McGill (front) and Jessica Rybicki, along with physics student Adam Beardsley, work on their experiment in zero-gravity onboard NASA's Weightless Wonder.


Thank you for your continued support of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Engineering Physics.


The department has established an online giving form at the UW Foundation to specify the department as the recipient of donations:


The UW Foundation explains other gift strategies in a Guide to Giving.


UW Foundation has created additional funds to offer students opportunities in engineering physics.


Or, donate by check, payable to the University of Wisconsin Foundation, with an annotation:


  • Department of Engineering Physics, #1263161
  • Callen Flexible Fund, #12638031
  • Engineering Mechanics Fund, #1235141
  • Ian M. and Victoria L. Robertson Engineering Scholarship, #12348044
  • Max Carbon Fund, #12634405
  • Millard W. Johnson, Jr., Scholarship Fund, #12636553

Mail checks to the University of Wisconsin Foundation, U.S. Bank Lockbox, P.O. Box 78807, Milwaukee, WI, 53278-0807.



In their own words, EP alumni describe their donations to the College of Engineering.


  • Jim and Connie Meister — "We want the university to continue...excellent education and research for our young people. It can't happen without alumni support."
  • Thomas J. Rickmeyer — "Maintaining and advancing the institution does not happen on its own — it requires all of us to give back in any way we can."
  • Millard W. Johnson III — "The UW had a big impact on everyone in our family. I feel very fortunate to have had my education at UW. It's an honor to give back."
  • Kevin Gotrik — “I received a lot of support from the school. I want current students to feel the same level of support.”



The newly-formed Engineering Student Foundation, UW-Madison is dedicated to building a greater awareness of the impact of giving on current students and recent graduates. Check out how philanthropy benefits students every day and how to get involved!