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Douglass Henderson

Douglass Henderson
Professor and Chair
Engineering Physics
College of Engineering

We focus on fostering leadership and creating engineering solutions in the fields of engineering mechanics and astronautics, engineering physics, and nuclear engineering.

Thank you for your interest in our department. Please feel free to visit us on the web, by phone (608/263-1646) or in person!


About Us


Engineering Mechanics.
Option: Astronautics

Bachelor of Science

Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy

Nuclear Engineering.
Options: Power, Radiation

Bachelor of Science

Nuclear Engineering and
Engineering Physics

Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy

Engineering Physics

Bachelor of Science


Enrollment, fall 2012

195 undergraduate students — 85 in Engineering Mechanics, 86 in Nuclear Engineering, and 24 in Engineering Physics

124 graduate students — 22 in Engineering Mechanics and 102 in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics


Financial aid, 2012-2013

59 undergraduate scholarships


Degrees conferred,

54 bachelors, including 20 in Engineering Mechanics, 28 in Nuclear Engineering, and 6 in Engineering Physics

41 masters, including 4 in Engineering Mechanics and 37 in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

10 PhDs, including 0 in Engineering Mechanics and 10 in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics


Research expenditures by source of funds, 2012-2013

Teaching funds appropriated by the State of Wisconsin:

Other funds provided by the university:

Research funds from the federal government:

Research funds from industry:

Graduate School Research Committee funds (WARF):

Federal government and industrial fellowships not included above:

Federal government/utility support of nuclear engineering education:

EP-directed grants (Synchrotron Radiation Center—NSF grants:

EP internal revenue-producing activities:


Total: $22,676,191


Research innovation

24 patents, 1976-2011


Campus research facts

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