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Plasma Theory Seminar

Monday, February 18

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

514 Engineering Research Building

Speaker: Dr. Nobumitsu Yokoi, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo
"Dynamic Balance in Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection: A Self-Consistent Turbulence Model"
Abstract: Through the enhancement of transport, turbulence may contribute to the fast reconnection. However the effects of turbulence are not so straightforward. In addition to the enhancement of transport, turbulence under some environment shows effects that suppress the turbulent transport. In the presence of turbulent cross helicity, such dynamic balance between the transport enhancement and suppression occurs. As this result of dynamic balance, the region of effective enhanced magnetic diffusivity is confined to a tiny region, leading to the fast reconnection. In order to confirm this idea, a self-consistent turbulence model for the magnetic reconnection is proposed. With the aid of numerical simulations where turbulence effects are incorporated in a consistent manner through the turbulence model, the dynamic balance in the turbulence magnetic reconnection is confirmed.