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Engineering Physics Seminar

Wednesday, August 7

12:00 PM

106 Engineering Research Building

Speaker: Dr. Richard Martineau, Idaho National Laboratory
"Advanced Simulation of LWRs using MOOSE"
Biography: Dr. Richard Martineau (INL) began employment at the INL in July of 1989. He is manager of the Fuels Modeling and Simulation Department within the INL Nuclear Fuels and Materials Division. The department is responsible for those aspects of developing advanced numerical methods, scientific numerical packages, high-performance computing frameworks, and multiphysics analysis tools for nuclear fuel performance modeling and simulation. Dr. Martineau has twenty-four years experience conducting computational fluid dynamics research and investigations. Expertise includes computational fluid dynamics, nonlinear coupling methods for multiphysics applications, compressible material dynamics (including stress wave phenomena and shock physics), fluid dynamics and heat transfer theory, and thermodynamics. Dr. Martineau is the primary developer of the PCICE method and is leading the effort to develop the MOOSE-based application called Bighorn, which is designed to simulate single- and multi-phase conjugate heat transfer domains. He is also the programmatic and technical lead on the development of RELAP-7, the next generation nuclear reactor systems analysis capability. Dr. Martineau obtained a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho.