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Engineering Physics Colloquium

Tuesday, April 24

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

106 Engineering Research Building

Speaker:  Dr. Kent E. Wardle,  Argonne National Laboratory
"CFD Simulation of Multiphase Flows in Aqueous-Based Nuclear Fuel Recycling"
Abstract:  While the processes for liquid-liquid extraction based recycling of used nuclear fuel are well developed and a variety of technical options exist, advances need to be made in simplification, optimization, and improvement of overall efficiency. A hybrid multiphase method based on the combination of an Eulerian multi-fluid solution framework (per-phase momentum equations) coupled with sharp interface capturing using Volume of Fluid (VOF) on selected phase pairs has recently been developed using the open-source CFD toolkit OpenFOAM. In this context, the status of multiphase simulations for annular centrifugal contactors will be discussed along with an overview of concurrent experimental efforts aimed at validation of these advanced models for application to such contactors.
Biography:  Dr. Kent Wardle, a recent graduate of the Engineering Physics Department, has been a staff member in the Process Simulation and Equipment Design Group in Argonne National Laboratory's Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division for the past 4 years. His research there has grown out of his doctoral work at UW which involved an in-depth computational and experimental analysis of a nuclear fuel cycle relevant piece of processing equipment—the annular centrifugal contactor. Kent’s current work focuses on large-scale, parallel computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of multiphase, turbulent flows found in liquid–liquid contacting devices.
Event Note:  3:45 PM, refreshments will be served