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Engineering Physics Colloquium

Tuesday, September 24

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

1152 Mechanical Engineering Building

Speaker: Dr. Mark Anderson, University of Wisconsin - Madison
“Advancements in High Temperature Energy Transfer for Electrical Power and Industrial Process Applications”
Abstract: Dr. Mark Anderson will give an overview of some of the experiments and research currently being conducted in the UW-Madison Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory and department of Engineering Physics. This work relates to increased temperature and increased efficiency power production and high temperature energy transfer for industrial processes. Pushing operating conditions to higher temperatures in order to take advantage of Carnot efficiency limits requires advancements and understanding of limits in materials, fluids and existing power conversion technology. The development of power conversion systems such as the supercritical Carbon Dioxide power cycle begin to have efficiency and economic benefits as the working fluid temperature from nuclear and concentrating solar approach 600C. These cycles may also have benefits with regard to CO2 sequestration and are being considered for future fossil energy conversion power plants. In the case of nuclear or concentrated solar energy production higher outlet temperatures requires the use of high temperature heat transfer fluids such as liquid salts or liquid metals. These fluids may also help unlock trapped hydrocarbon resources through more environmentally benign technologies than are currently being pursued. Developing industry confidence and knowledge of working with these fluids along with the significant challenge of finding and qualifying compatible materials is a key goal of the thermal hydraulics Laboratory.