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Engineering Physics Colloquium

Thursday, December 5

12:00 PM

106 Engineering Research Building

Speaker: Dr. Kurt A. Terrani, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Critical Examination of SiC Technology for LWRs"
Abstract: SiC-based materials have been proposed at least as late as a decade ago for utilization in light water reactor platforms. Specifically, applications in fuel bundle structures are being pursued due to good neutronic characteristics and irradiation resistance for nuclear grade SiC materials. However, many basic gaps remain on the path to full deployment that require detailed and fundamental research. This discussion outlines these gaps and provides the results of latest research at ORNL aiming to understand and address these areas. Specifically, detailed discussions on high-temperature water vapor oxidation and thermo-mechanical analysis of the in-pile performance of these structures are provided.
Biography: Kurt Terrani is currently a Weinberg Fellow R&D staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Nuclear Fuel Materials and Fusion Materials and Nuclear Core Structures Groups. He received his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from University of California, Berkeley. During his graduate studies he was advised by Prof. Donald Olander while working on hydride fuel concepts for LWR applications. His current research focuses on advanced nuclear fuel development for LWR platforms. The range of his research activities includes fuel fabrication, characterization, modeling, severe accident analysis and testing, and in pile experimentation. He currently leads three irradiation and PIE experiments at US and international test reactors.