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Engineering Physics Colloquium

Tuesday, May 8

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

106 Engineering Research Building

Speaker:  Dr. Gary Bell, ORNL
"Overview of Nuclear Fuel Development at ORNL"
Speaker:  Dr. Kurt Terrani, ORNL
"Fully Ceramic Microencapsulated Fuels for LWRs"
Abstract:  High temperature nuclear reactors specifically designed for high efficiency electricity generation and high temperature heat applications will likely employ tri-structural isotropic (TRISO) coated particle fuel comprising a spherical metal oxide or oxycarbide ceramic fuel core or kernel surrounded by pyrocarbon and SiC coatings to retain fission products. This fuel form is extremely versatile; for a given fast or thermal reactor mission the TRISO coating design remains essentially the same while the kernel’s composition is varied: U for energy production, U/Th for resource sustainability, and U/Pu/minor actinides for used fuel management. Coated particle fuel is one of the few fuel forms that can be employed to achieve burnups and temperatures significantly beyond current experience. Dr. Bell will provide an overview of nuclear fuel development activities at ORNL and Dr. Terrani will be provide a more detailed discussion of recent results from work on Fully Ceramic Microencapsulated Fuels for LWRs.
Dr. Gary Bell joined ORNL in 1992 and is currently serving as the Group Leader for the Nuclear Fuel Materials Group in the Fuel Cycle and Isotopes Division. In his role as the Nuclear Fuel Materials Group Leader, he provides leadership for a variety of nuclear fuel cycle technical and infrastructure projects focused on nuclear fuel and target development.
Dr. Kurt Terrani is currently a Weinberg Fellow - R&D staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He joined Nuclear Fuel Materials Group in Fuel Cycle Isotopes Division after receiving his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from University of California, Berkeley. His current research focuses on advanced nuclear fuel development, characterization, modeling, and irradiation testing.
Event Note:  3:45 PM refreshments will be served