1962 Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Distinguished Service Award Recipient


GEORGE H. BROWN (Large image)


Vice President, Research and Engineering, Radio Corporation of America, Princeton, N.J.

Born, North Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 14 1908.

B.S. (Electrical Engineering) 1930, The University of Wisconsin.

M.S. 1931, The University of Wisconsin.

Ph.D. 1933, E.E. 1942, The University of Wisconsin.

Holder of Wisconsin Public Utilities Fellowship, 1930-31.

With RCA since 1933, as Research Engineer; Director of Systems Research Laboratory; Chief Engineer, Industrial Electronic Products; and Vice President, Engineering.

Holds 79 U. S. patents. Received in 1939 the Modern Pioneer Award of the National Association of Manufacturers. Listed in 1953 with "radio-electronic pioneers of our time" on Gernsback Testimonial Trophy. Has led in directing RCA's research and development of color and ultra-high-frequency television systems.

Responsible during World War II for important developments of antenna for military systems, of radio-frequency heating techniques, and a method of speeding production of penicillin. Received War Department Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding work in these fields.

Active in professional societies and member of Executive Board, George Washington Council of Boy Scouts of America.


WILLIAM K. FITCH (Large image)


Chairman of the Board, Retired, Dravo Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Born, Rockford, Illinois, November 2, 1889.

B.A., Yale University, 1910.

B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), University of Wisconsin, 1913.

With Dravo continuously for 46 years, except 15 months as First Lieutenant during World War I. Joined Dravo-Doyle Company in 1913 as sales engineer, becoming Manager of Cleveland Office, then Vice President, and President (1934). On organization of Dravo Corporation, he was elected Vice President in 1935 and Chairman of the Board in 1946.

Since retirement in 1959 he devotes his entire time to charitable activities as President of the Sewickley Valley Hospital, President of the Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania, Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Allegheny Council of Boy Scouts of America, member of the Board of Harmarville Rehabilitation Center and of the Allegheny County Hospital Planning Association.

In Allegheny County he has been President of the Community Chest, Director of the Federation of Social Agencies, and active in the Health and Welfare Association.

About 1940 he established the William Henry Fitch Memorial Trust in memory of his father for the purpose of making loans to students. Many loans have been made including some to students at The University of Wisconsin.


HERMAN F. HOERIG (Large image)


Vice President, du Pont of Canada, Limited Montreal.

Born, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 22, 1913.

B.S. 1934, The University of Wisconsin.

M.S. (Chemical Engineering) 1939, The University of Wisconsin.

Ph.D. 1942, The University of Wisconsin.

With Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Research and Development, 1934-37.

Instructor in Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, 1937-42.

With E. I. du Pont de Nemours, 1942-54, in cellophane research as Engineer, Supervisor, then Director of Yerkes Laboratory.

During World War II he developed new films for anti-gas capes and polaroid photography. His later research led to commercial production of polyester film, the toughest transparent film yet developed. It formed the outer skin of Satellite Echo I.

With du Pont of Canada since 1954 as Director of Research and Development, and Vice President (l960). He organized a department to study and plan the long-term growth and diversification of the Company and created research programs leading to operation of a unique polyethylene process.

Member of Executive Council of Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of their Foreign Trade committee.


LEONARD J. LINDE (Large image)


Director of Engineering, Industries Group, Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee.

Born, Decorah, Iowa, October 15, 1905.

B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), South Dakota State College, 1929.

With General Electric Company, 1929-45, as student engineer, development engineer in field of circuit breakers, and Chief Engineer of the Power Circuit Breaker Department in Philadelphia. For his inventions and designs the Company twice gave him the Charles A. Coffin award.

With A. B. Chance Company, 1945-50, as Chief Engineer developing outdoor switchgear and designing and building a mobile circuit-interrupting test laboratory.

With Allis-Chalmers since 1950, as Chief Engineer of Circuit Breaker Plant in Boston, then in engineering staff operations in Milwaukee.

In 1957 he was Manager for Allis-Chalmers of C-Stellarator Associates at Princeton, N. J., an Allis-Chalmers and Radio Corporation of America organization responsible for management, engineering, and fabrication of a special research laboratory for establishment and control of thermonuclear fusion reactions for power.

Holds some 35 patents in electro-mechanical devices.


LLOYD J. SEVERSON (Large image)


President, Quebec Cartier Mining Company, Port Cartier, Quebec.

Born, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, February 10, 1914.

B.S. (Mining Engineering), University of Wisconsin, 1936.

In Bolivia, 1936-41, as Mining Engineer for Patino Mines, then as Chief Engineer and Chief of Exploration for Cia Huanchica de Bolivia, in endeavor to expand production of tin and tungsten.

With Oliver Iron Mining Company, Duluth, 1944-57, as Mining Engineer, Geologist, Assistant to General Mining Engineer, Assistant General Mining Engineer, General Mining Engineer, and Vice President.

During World War II he was Principal Mining Engineer for the U. S. Foreign Economic Administration in Spain.

Since 1944 his work has been directed toward exploration and development of iron ore resources, first in Latin America, then in the Lake Superior District, and, since 1952, in North America, principally Canada. These studies led to discovery and development of the Quebec Cartier holdings.

Owns and operates a 500-acre farm in Trempealeau County on land homesteaded by his ancestors before Wisconsin became a state.


AUBREY J. WAGNER (Large image)


Member of the Board of Directors, Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Born, Hillsboro, Wisconsin, January 12, 1912.

B.S. with High Honors (Civil Engineering), University of Wisconsin, 1933.

With TVA since 1934, as Engineering Aide, Hydraulic Engineer, Navigation Engineer, Assistant Chief, then Chief of Navigation and Transportation Branch, Assistant General Manager, and General Manager.

Appointed to the Board by President Kennedy in 1961.

In these positions he has had a part in planning and construction of Tennessee River navigation facilities, in economic studies to develop low-cost water transportation in TVA's program of integrated resource development, in general planning of TVA's navigation program from both an engineering and economics standpoint, and as chief administrative officer during period of rapid growth in use of natural resources developed by TVA.

Member in 1950 of Committee on Domestic Water Navigation Projects and National Policy of the President's Water Resources Policy Commission.

Active in Boy Scout work since 1935; holds Scoutmaster's Key and Silver Beaver Award.

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