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How to apply


Submit application and letters of of recommendation online, on the UW-Madison Graduate School website.


Submit the documents listed below electronically to


We do not require hard copies of printed documents.


We prefer you send materials to us electronically.


Please read the instructions below carefully.


1. Students should send a PDF (Portable Document Format) scan of undergraduate and graduate transcripts to the email below. If you are admitted, we will require official transcripts. PDF documents must be less than 3 MB. We will not accept transcript documents that exceed 3 MB because of limits for our file transfers.


2. We require a statement of interest as part of the UW-Madison online admission application. If this is a problem for you, please inquire to the email below.


3. We require letters of recommendation to be submitted electronically through the UW-Madison online application website. If this is a problem for you, please inquire to the email below.


4. Submit GRE and TOEFL scores electronically to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The GRE code for UW-Madison is 1846.


Important dates


The program has no set deadlines for admission. To meet fellowship deadlines, students are advised to submit all materials by January 1 to receive full consideration for the following fall.


Send to the Graduate School


$56.00 USD non-refundable application fee. Payable by credit card (Mastercard or Visa), debit/ATM card, personal check or money order, drawn on a U.S. bank. Please do not send cash. If you choose to send a money order or check, make it payable to University of Wisconsin-Madison. Please write your birth date on your check, so it can be matched to your application. A department cannot make a recommendation for admission until your application fee is received.


Graduate School Admissions Office
228 Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706


TAKE SPECIAL NOTE: Do not send transcripts, reasons for graduate study, letters of recommendations or any other departmental documentation to the Graduate School. These materials will not be forwarded to your department or program. International applicants: Please do not send financial documents until requested by the Graduate School. This information will be requested upon a positive admission recommendation from the department/program.


Send applications and inquires about admissions to:


Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program Admissions Office
Room 122
680 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706


PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying to more than one program or department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison you must supply transcripts, recommendation letters and any other materials required to each program or department.


Environmental Chemistry and Technology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Room 122
680 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706-1481

Tel: 608/263-3264
Fax: 608/262-0454