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Graduate studies are offered in all areas of electrical and computer engineering, and most specializations can be pursued in depth. The boundaries between areas are flexible and collaboration is encouraged.


Automatic control systems — Barmish, Demarco, Lesieutre, Sethares


Biomedical applications — Booske, Hagness, Hu, Jiang, Milenkovic, Nowak, Shohet, Van Veen, van der Weide


Communication, information and coding theory — Boston, Gubner, Hu, Nowak, Sayeed, Sethares, Van Veen


Computer architecture — Kim, Lipasti, Morrow


Computer networks — Hu, Ramanathan, Saluja


Electric machines and power electronics — Han, Jahns, Venkataramanan


Electromagnetic waves — Anderson, Behdad, Booske, Hagness, Hitchon, Shohet, van der Weide, Wendt


Embedded systems and reconfigurable computing — Kim, Morrow


Networking — Boston, Hu, Nowak, Sayeed, Van Veen


Photonics — Botez, Hagness, Knezevic, Mawst


Plasmas and controlled fusion — Anderson, Hitchon, Shohet, Wendt


Power systems — Demarco, Lesieutre, Venkataramanan


Signal processing — Boston, Gubner, Hu, Milenkovic, Nowak, Sayeed, Sethares, Van Veen


Solid-state and microelectronics —  Botez, Hitchon, Knezevic, Jiang, Ma, Mawst, Shohet, van der Weide


VLSI design automation and testing — Davoodi, Hu, Kim, Morrow, Saluja