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Year in Review 2009-2010

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New semiconductor laser structure

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Nader Behdad

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Meet the ECE Visiting Advisory Board

Dean Foate receives Distinguised Acheivement Award

Andrew Hanson:
Transferring entrepreneurship from classroom to company

Michael Splinter: Blending engineering, business and social responsibility

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John H. Booske

John H. Booske
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Decorative initial cap Greetings to all alumni and friends of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering! This newsletter brings you important updates on faculty, staff, alumni, students, and learning and research initiatives.
During the past couple years, we have been engaged in a comprehensive self-study and strategic planning process. One of the important outcomes has been a commitment to the philosophy of “once-a-member-always-a-member.” Students who graduate from our department do not cease their relationship upon leaving our doors. You become part of a lifelong, connected community. As our Visiting Advisory Board reminds us, alumni and supporters represent an important resource of knowledge, expertise and experience to help us maintain the excellent education and research outcomes we provide with and for our students. And, we have adopted a renewed commitment to continue to serve our alumni and friends. 

As a first step in this direction, we’re placing a greater emphasis in the newsletter on sharing news and information of likely interest to alumni, department friends and supporters. To help us fulfill this fresh emphasis, we need you to send us your news—or questions—which we’ll happily include in future issues. So, please send us your news or “Whatever happened to … ?” or “How is … ?” We’ll be pleased to answer your questions or share your news in future issues.

As a second step, I request the assistance of every department alumnus to E-mail me a short note answering the following biographical questions. Our objective is to accumulate a diverse pool of education-to-career profiles that illustrate to prospective students (undergrad or graduate) what future career options are made possible with a UW-Madison ECE degree. (1) What degree(s) did you obtain from our department? (2) In what ways do you recall and value your education at UW-Madison and the ECE department? (3) What is your current job, and how does it allow you to make an impact and a difference in the lives of others? (4) How did your UW-Madison education prepare you to end up where you are now? Please send your answers to

For those of you able to contribute financially, I want to thank you on behalf of the entire department for the important service that you provide to our current and future students. Because of your gifts, we have been able to sponsor many excellent students and faculty with scholarships, fellowships or named professorships. Your generosity has enabled us to subsidize the costs of textbooks, educational experience abroad, student conference travel, awards for best TAs and instructors, and need-based financial aid.

Just as importantly, your contributions have enabled us to nurture a spirit of lifelong community by sponsoring the formation of a graduate student lounge, ECE undergraduate student events and alumni receptions around the country.

I am incredibly privileged to be Chair of our department with such outstanding students, faculty, staff, alumni, and supporters. Your individual and collective accomplishments continue to reflect our proud traditions and great reputation. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support for our Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

On Wisconsin!

John H. Booske, Chair
2416 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Dr.
Madison, WI 53706

Tel: 608/262-3840
Fax: 608/262-1267


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