University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering



Prof. John H. Booske

Prof. John H. Booske

Department Chair


Prof. John Gubner

Vice Chair, Operations


Parmeswaran Ramanathan

Prof. Parameswaran Ramanathan

Vice Chair, Infrastructure



Department Manager

Lori Burrow


Office Manager

Kathy Hall

Communication Specialist

Alyssa Greiber


Financial Staff

Andrew Ehlert, Research Administrator

Renee Starks, University Grants & Contracts Specialist

Amy Terpening, Payroll and Benefits Specialist

Dwight Redders, Financial Specialist


Advisor to Undergraduate Students

Stacy Harnett, South Student Services Hub


Advisor to Graduate Students

Michael Radloff, South Student Services Hub


Graduate Student Admissions

ECE Copy Center

Steve Manthey, Print Tech