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Graduate student funding

There are various types of funding available for ECE graduate students. Begin your research by reading the UW-Madison Graduate School’s webpage about funding information the UW-Madison Graduate School’s webpage about funding information and the different types of graduate funding.


The ECE department awards research assistantships (RA), teaching assistantships (TA), project assistantships (PA), and fellowships. A graduate assistantship (RA, TA or PA) with an employment level of at least 33.33% will entitle the recipient to a salary as well as tuition remission and health insurance. Some graduate students may be awarded external fellowships.


Research Assistantship (RA): An RA is offered to graduate students to perform sponsored research duties. An RA will also fulfill the research component of a graduate degree (MS or PhD), and thus RAs must enroll in appropriate research credits each semester they are funded. An RA appointment is offered by individual faculty members.


Teaching Assistantship (TA): A TA is offered to graduate students to help classroom teaching and related activities. It is administered through the ECE TA application portal. TA positions are available for application to all current graduate students. Only rarely will incoming new graduate students be offered TA positions. TA positions last one semester, and vary according to the courses offered. Please note that many ECE students find TA positions in other academic departments (physics, mathematics, computer sciences, etc.).


Project Assistantship (PA): A PA is a position that requires a graduate student to perform a wide range of tasks. These positions are offered by individual units on campus. Prospective applicants need to contact these units directly.


Fellowships: ECE offers several fellowships to incoming graduate students. These offers are often bundled as multi-year financial award package for a small group of outstanding candidates. Some of these fellowships may have specific preferences. All admitted graduate students are automatically evaluated for fellowship eligibility and candidacy.