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Mission Statement

Wisconsin Engineering Student Council (WESC) exists as the governance body representing the undergraduate students of the College of Engineering (CoE), in order to foster cooperation and communication among students, student organizations, CoE, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. WESC acts as a bridge between students and administration, by providing open forums for discussion, while also organizing engineering events.

WESC provides an avenue for student opinion in the daily and long term plans for the College of Engineering. Through an open forum, students and student organizations can discuss their ideas for improvement in the CoE, knowing that the power exists to enact their ideas. WESC is a network for information, resources, and funding, providing students and student organizations a means to accomplish their goals. Through WESC's own college wide and campus wide events, WESC hopes to foster camaraderie and collaboration. 

How to get involved:

Wisconsin Engineering Student Council holds online elections at the end of every semester. Besides running for an officer position, any undergraduate student of the College of Engineering can apply for one of the many committee positions. WESC currently has the following committees:

Diversity & Climate Committee
Scholarships Committee
Events Committee
Differential Tuition Committee

The committee application contact email is

Opportunities for Funding
Registered student organizations in the College of Engineering can apply for WESC grants of up to $500, three times per semester. The application can be found on the Wisconsin Engineering Student Council WIN page.

Contact Cameron Evans,, for questions about funding.
For larger expenses, such as travel grants, apply for additional funding through ASM