University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering


Undergraduate Engineering Research Opportunities


As one of the premier research universities in the nation, UW-Madison offers an important way to enhance an undergraduate education: by working for credit or for an hourly wage on engineering research projects. These experiences will expose students to state-of-the-art information and technology and will help prepare them for advanced studies in engineering and other fields. Research opportunities exist in several forms.


Faculty research projects


Many engineering professors hire undergraduates to work part-time on their research projects. Engineering instructors or the engineering department offices can refer students to faculty members who hire undergraduates. Depending on their current projects, engineering research centers also hire undergraduates. To access directories of faculty and staff by department and to search for faculty research of interest to you, consult this website:


Independent study projects


Depending upon the project topic and scope, undergraduates can receive credit for proposing and developing an independent research project. Interested students should talk with engineering instructors or stop by the engineering departmental offices.


Engineering honors in research programs


Individual engineering departments offer honors programs for high-ability undergraduates enrolled in their majors. Students in these programs will plan and conduct engineering research projects under the guidance of faculty members.


UW-Madison Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) Program


Students may apply to work on research projects with faculty members across campus through the URS program. Visit the URS program website for information.