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How do I qualify and apply for admission to an engineering department?

EGR students applying to an engineering degree-granting department must submit an application to enter.

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Which classes count toward the math/science GPA?

The College of Engineering stipulates that the following courses are the ONLY courses that count toward the calculation of the 2.5 math/science grade point average required for admission to a department.

  • Computer Sciences: all courses 302 and above
  • Math: all courses 217 and above
  • Statistics: all courses 224 and above
  • Physics: all courses 201 and above
  • Chemistry: all courses
  • Statics: EMA 201 only

Not including independent studies and seminar courses

Use our calculator to compute your GPA.

NOTE: No courses taught in the engineering departments other than EMA 201, ECE/CS 352 and ECE/CS 354 and NE (NEEP) 271 count toward the math/science GPA.

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How do I calculate my math/science GPA?

Use our calculator to compute your math/science GPA.

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What if too many qualified students apply for the same department? 

When the number of students applying exceeds a department's capacity, students' overall GPA and other factors will be considered — see College of Engineering Regulation 3b. This clause is rarely invoked, but programs such as biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, and computer engineering may have an excess of qualified students in the future.

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