University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering


Honors programs


The College of Engineering offers its undergraduates two types of honors programs and other options that recognize academic achievement.


Engineering Honors in Liberal Arts


The college offers prospective College of Engineering students the opportunity to apply for the Engineering Honors in Liberal Arts (EHLA) program. The EHLA program is intended for a certain number of high-ability students who have a special interest in taking challenging background courses in physical science, natural science, humanities, foreign language, and social science.


Engineering honors in research


Individual engineering departments are in the process of developing and offering honors programs for high-ability students enrolled in their majors. Students in these programs will plan and conduct engineering research projects under the guidance of faculty members.



Other options for recognition


Outstanding engineering students gain recognition in other ways. All engineering departments grant merit-based scholarships for academic achievement. The college also recognizes those students who graduate in the top five percent of their class with the transcript notation “Graduated with highest distinction.”


At the end of each semester the names of all full-time students in good standing with 3.25 or higher semester GPA will be included on the "Dean's Honor List." A notation of “Dean's Honor List” and date will be entered on the student transcript.